THERE has been 25 fires in the open in the last 24-hours in North Wales.

North Wales Fire and Rescue service attended 13 of these but say fires in the open are putting a 'drain on resources'.

The fire service were called at 5.24pm on Tuesday, April 21 to a hillside forestry fire near Llanfachreth, Gwynedd.

A spokesperson from the fire service said: "We attended last night and remained at the scene this morning damping down hotspots. The cause will be determined.

"In the past 24 hours we have received 25 calls to fires in the open and have attended 13 of these.

"Please think about the consequences of such fires – now is not the time to be burning or starting fires in the open as they can quickly spread out of control, especially in dry weather.

"These fires not only put our firefighters at risk unnecessarily but the smoke from such grass fires can cause breathing problems and worsen conditions such as asthma, at a time when the health of our communities is already of heightened concern.

"During the Covid-19 pandemic it is imperative to adhere to advice on isolation and social distancing."