POLICE were left speechless after they found three men camping in a tent on Moel Famau.

North Wales Police's Rural Crime Team discovered the tent at the Flintshire beauty spot on Sunday.

A spokesman said the men, who were aged between 18 and 25 and from Widnes, Cheshire, were reported for breaching the coronavirus lockdown.

A tweet published by the team said: "I don’t really know what to say...3 males reported for Covid offences."

Rob Taylor, Rural Crime Team manager, said: "Sadly, despite numerous warnings and the awareness of the current pandemic and the risk to our communities, some people flout the law.

"It's sad to see, as many others are adhering and these people selfishly risk the spread. Giving fines is not what we want but this is the result on this occasion.

"Some people's selfish, irresponsible behaviour also risks the spread to my officers and ties up their valuable time, which is needed to help those who really need us."