A county councillor has called on authorities to issue bigger fines or even seize the vehicles of those transgressing lockdown rules and visiting a seaside town.

Denbighshire county councillor Paul Penlington said the lockdown message still wasn’t “reaching people” after hordes of visitors to Central and Barkby beaches in Prestatyn over the the last few days.

Good weather brought people out in droves he claimed with illegally parked cars “lining roads around those areas”.

Cllr Penlington, who represents Prestatyn North, said it was time for Welsh Government to increase fines for those flouting lockdown.

On Monday lockdown rules were eased so two families could meet in gardens while abiding by social distancing guidelines, with a travel recommendation of five miles.

However Cllr Penlington claimed number plates showed many cars were from outside Wales.

He said: “I appreciate some of these cars may belong to local people but the majority of the cars I checked were from out of Wales, they can’t all belong to local people.

“I contacted the police and they confirmed large numbers of visitors from out of the area is a significant problem but they simply don’t have the resources to address it.

“They are patrolling regularly which is commendable but are very stretched.

“Denbighshire county council enforcement are now working again and have ticketed every illegally parked car which may act as a deterrent for those particular individuals.

“The problem is a daily occurrence now though. I have asked DCC if we can reinforce the lockdown message by putting signage up on major routes into the county clearly stating all beaches, and beach car parks are closed.

“That alone still won’t solve the problem though. Whilst Welsh Government are responding well to the Covid crisis current deterrents for breaching lockdown in Wales are far too weak.”

Fines have already been increased in Wales for those who are caught repeatedly breaking lockdown, with a maximum of £1,920 for a sixth offence.

However Cllr Penlington said it was time to think about increasing fines again or even seizing cars.

He added: “It is time for Mark Drakeford to put out a very clear message, respect our lockdown or it will immediately cost you thousands.”

Welsh Government has been approached for comment.