AN AWARD-WINNING restaurant, based in both Ruthin and Llangollen's, virtual musical fundraiser is set to come to a head tonight with one final performance.

For the last 15 weeks, Manorhaus has been putting on a concert every Friday night with Christopher Frost entertaining Facebook live viewers via the piano.

The 'Manorhaus Friday Night Cocktail Music' sessions were set up to, not only keep spirits high in the community, but also to raise money for the Alzheimer's UK charity - so far raising more than £200.

Ruthin Mayor Gavin Harris, who runs Manorhaus alongside Christopher and their staff members, said: "As we now look to prepare to re-open later in July, Manorhaus Friday night Cocktail Music with Chris on the Piano will conclude with the 15th performance during lockdown at 7pm.

"Thank you to all those that have listened in and we hope that you can share your appreciation and support our fundraiser in aid of Alzheimer’s Society."

Manorhaus Llangollen will also be re-opening on July 13, with strict guidelines in place to keep guests and staff safe.

To donate to the Alzheimer's UK appeal, visit Manorhaus' Facebook page.