FLINTSHIRE Council is set to undertake a review of rules on dog fouling and drinking in public places.

The local authority is planning to look at two Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) which have been in place in the county since 2017.

One requires dog owners to pick up their pet’s waste and prevents them entering the boundaries of marked sports pitches.

Meanwhile, the other gives police the power to ask people to surrender their alcohol if they are deemed to be causing a nuisance in public areas.

Those who fail to observe the rules face the risk of being fined.

Both orders are due to expire in October and the council has now set out its intention to consult on whether they should be extended for a further three years.

In a joint report, two senior officials said not having the PSPOs in place would mean no enforcement could be carried out.

In relation to the dog control order, Steve Jones and Andrew Farrow, who are responsible for streetscene and environment respectively, said: “Since the implementation of the dog control PSPO over 1,100 dog walkers have been approached and provided with information and advice on the prohibitions of the order.

“A total of three fixed penalty notices (FPNs) have been issued for dog fouling and 45 for dogs entering the boundaries of marked sports pitches.

“Whilst enforcement activity is timed to busy periods of dog walking and when intelligence is received about a regular offender, it is difficult to actually witness dog owners not clearing up after their dogs.

“The council has adopted a high profile approach in order to act as a

deterrent and enforcement officers enter into dialogue with dog walkers

during their patrols to ensure that they are aware of the PSPOs.

“It should be noted that a high number of FPNs is not the only measure by which the success of PSPOs should be measured and overall cleanliness and public awareness of the FPN process should also be considered.”

Other requirements under the order include for owners to have dog poo bags or another means of picking up waste on them and to place their pet on a lead if it is causing a nuisance.

Flintshire previously had an existing designated public place order in relation to alcohol, which became a PSPO in October 2017.

It gives police officers the ability to challenge problem drinkers in public locations.

The officers said the consultation on extending it had received the support of North Wales Police.

They added: “Licensed premises are not included under these restrictions. Drinking alcohol in a public place is not a breach of the order, but refusing the officers request to cease drinking, or surrender their alcohol when asked.

“Initial discussion has taken place with Flintshire’s North Wales Police Chief Inspector who is supportive of the alcohol control PSPO being consulted on with the same requirements.”

Councillors will be asked to back holding a consultation on the two PSPOs at a meeting of the authority’s environment scrutiny committee on Monday (DEL 13 JULY).

If approved, two surveys will be launched asking for people’s views on the orders being extended during August and the first week of September.

The responses will be considered by the council before a final decision is made.