A 105-home development, changes to a former nightclub and how much manure a free range egg production facility will produce were among items considered by Conwy county council’s planning committee.

Proposals included plans to build 60 apartments and 42 houses by converting the Queen’s Lodge and demolishing the Mary Bamber Convalescent Centre, off Queen’s Avenue, Colwyn Bay, and a bungalow.

The development by Blue Bay Homes and Coastal Homes would see Queen’s Lodge redeveloped to build 14 apartments and three town houses.

The Mary Bamber Convalescent Centre would make way for 46 apartments and 42 new homes comprising of three, four and five bed properties.

A separate proposal saw conservation area consent granted to demolish the former convalescent home, which had been subject to vandalism and fire damage.

As part of the application there will be 80 parking spaces for the 105 dwelling scheme.

Colwyn Bay Town council objected to the scheme on the grounds that almost half of the 269 trees would be felled and there was no affordable housing provision.

Conwy planning officers recommended approval of the plan with an affordable housing contribution of 15%, comprising three one bed and 11 two-bed apartments, plus two three-bed houses and a £40,000 contribution to affordable housing.

Councillors agreed to officer recommendations to grant approval “subject to the applicant entering into a legal agreement to deliver planning obligations” regarding outdoor and off-site amenity space.

Plans to build 14 homes on the former Windjammers bar and nightclub site were also passed by Conwy’s planning committee.

The proposal had been pulled from the last agenda at the eleventh hour minute to make changes to the proposal.

It was passed this time with an amendment by Cllr Nigel Smith (Kinmel Bay).

He asked that a Section 106 condition obliging the applicant to replace an adjacent bus stop with a covered stand be added in.

The committee agreed with the amended proposal, voting it through 10-2.

A plan to build a free range egg production facility at Derwydd, Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr, Conwy, also got the green light from the committee.

However there is confusion about how much chicken manure will be deposited outside the 1,327 square metre shed by the 16,000 laying hens it will house.

Natural Resources Wales said it had “significant concerns” with the development over the issue.

Councillors agreed to grant conditional planning permission, subject

to the concerns raised by Natural Resources Wales being

resolved and a pest control plan being put in place by the applicant.

A proposal to build a bunglaow and garage on land off Llanrwst Road, Colwyn Bay, included plans to demolish a barn but nearby Bryn Eithin Care Home opposed the bid.

They said the driveway at the property had become too busy and compromised the safety of residents.

They also said some rooms at the care home would have views of the property.

However councillors went with officer recommendations to unanimously grant planning permission.