MORE than 870 people have signed a petition opposing the introduction of a one-way system in Denbigh.

The Welsh Government has provided funding to local authorities for introducing measures that will help enable people to maintain social distancing in public places following the coronavirus pandemic.

Denbighshire County Council has proposed that, in Denbigh, Vale Street would become a one-way system.

However, many are against the idea.

Resident Craig Rogerson has set up a petition for those against the plans, claiming they would “force return traffic down Grove Road”, which he says is a ‘narrow road with limited access for the size of vehicles proposed’, including buses and lorries. Mr Rogerson added that such changes ‘will be detrimental to business and Denbigh residents alike’.

Pauline Edwards is another resident who is unhappy about the proposed plans.

She said: “There seems to be a lot of objection from Denbigh residents. We have now seen the plans but still have objections and concerns.”

“Vale Street will be one way going up to allow for social distancing – which seems totally unnecessary as it’s probably one of the widest streets in Denbigh.

“All traffic from the top of town will be directed down via Barkers Well Lane, Grove Road and Station Road back onto the bottom of Vale Street. This will include all vehicles – double decker buses, lorries, tractors, bin lorries, fire engines, cars, cyclists – everyone.

“Initially I thought those roads would be one way but having seen the plans we now know that it will only be Grove Road that is one way. So traffic on Barkers Wells Lane will be two way – which will result in so much congestion on roads that were not designed to take such heavy traffic.

“This is the most dangerous plan I have ever heard of. Those streets are already congested and are surely too narrow to have such large vehicles travelling on them constantly.”

“The work is due to start at the beginning of September, which would be disastrous as it would clash with then the kids go back to school. So it seems, regardless of what we think it’s going ahead and it’s all been done in a rush”.

A spokesperson from Denbighshire County Council said: “Due to issues surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, this consultation has been hosted online.

“However, the council will be accepting written representations if they are submitted to us.

“We would encourage businesses and residents to take part in the consultation period that is underway.”

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