FAMILIES who have been left with little or 'nothing' during the virus pandemic have received kind donations.

Louise Rudd, who works in North Wales Police’s I24 department in St Asaph, has not only been arranging and collecting children’s clothes and toys on behalf of North Wales Domestic Abuse Safety Unit and Women’s Aid, but has also been spending her leave and rest days coordinating donations into various bundles.

To date, she has received more than 700 bags of clothes, toys, prams, cots, toasters, kettles and nappies.

Louise said: "When I sent an email to my colleagues I expected to get a couple of bags of donations. The response has been so amazing that I now have enough stuff to help both organisations in Flintshire and the central area for the next 12 months.

“What has struck me is that people have taken the time to look at what they no longer need.

"The level of generosity has been incredible.”

Louise has received assistance from cllr Glyn Banks and Flintshire Council; permission has been given to store 34 car loads of donations from across the force in the Community Centre in Ffynongroyw.

During her 12 years with North Wales Police Louise has regularly organised shoe box collections for animal rescue, but having been involved with cases of domestic abuse in her current role it was something close to her heart and she set about asking for items that her colleagues no longer use.

“We help these people in a criminal way, but after that they are forgotten. By doing this it is a nice way to give something back," Louise said.

Earlier this month Louise was told that a 17-year-old young mother with a newborn child, who had found herself homeless, was given all the clothing and equipment that she will need for the next few weeks.

Alun Oldfield, chief inspector at North Wales Police who has assisted Louise, said: "Recognition needs to be given to both Louise for her personal commitment to arranging this and also for the staff who have donated.”

George Howat of the North Wales Domestic Abuse Safety Unit, said: “Louise’s efforts are making a real impact within our vulnerable communities during Covid and everyone concerned should be commended and thanked.

“All the donations will be put to the best use, and can make a real difference to our clients in crisis.

"For those in our communities who are further isolated as a result of lockdown, it is an amazing gesture of compassion for them to know that the police community stand with them, and want to help.”