CLWYD South's MS is backing a campaign which calls on the UK Government not to break its promise over TV licences for over-75s.

The National Pensioners Convention Wales (NPC Wales) wants Prime Minister Boris Johnson to honour his pledge in November that no elderly person would have to pay for their TV licence and is supporting Age Cymru’s petition to Westminster.

Ken Skates MS said: “The UK Government said that it was crucial to retain the free TV licence for all over-75s and that it would sit down with the BBC to find a solution. All we have seen and heard is the BBC and the Conservative Government blaming each other.

“As the Government said on July 9, it was wrong to implement the BBC’s decision to only give free TV licences to those on Pension Credit. The BBC has delayed the licence fee changes until next month, but all the Government has done is to describe it as ‘the wrong decision’ and refused to intervene.

Denbighshire Free Press:

Ken Skates MS

“It's not the job of the BBC to administer means-tested benefits on behalf of the Conservative Government. Free TV licences were introduced by the Labour Party in 20 years ago and should be retained for over-75s as a universal entitlement.”

NPC Wales says the UK Government has "abdicated its responsibility and duty of care to the most vulnerable group in society".

Mr Skates added: “The UK Government needs to engage with the BBC to work out how to support people whose only companion and lifeline might be their TV.

"Maintaining free TV licences for over-75s was a 2017 Conservative Party manifesto commitment and as it stands 3.7m older people in the UK are now going to be punished by this broken promise.”