A PERSONAL TRAINER and weight loss coach has thanked the 1,500 people who helped turn her online exercise classes into a 'buzzing community' during the coronavirus lockdown.

Noelle Watson from Llannefydd's Facebook group members completed around 8000 work-outs during the course of 19 weeks.

The 58-year-old decided to bring her Facebook friends a free live weekly workout and it grew rapidly to contain a group of 1,500 people.

Noelle said: "I've had a ball. To be honest it lasted a lot longer than I thought it would and I've loved every minute.

"Everyone who took part gave my own Lockdown experience fitness, purpose and genuine fun so I want to say thank you.

"The Facebook members made the group into a huge buzzing community, all helping each other through lockdown. We ran for 19 weeks, which was even longer than PE with Joe Wicks!"