Continue with efforts to fight virus plea

RESIDENTS are being urged to continue with their efforts in the ongoing fight against the spread of coronavirus.

The on-going situation in Caerphilly borough, where local restrictions have been introduced following in increase in cases, has prompted Denbighshire County Council to repeat its plea for everyone to work together, to help protect communities.

On Monday, face masks will become compulsory in shops and indoor spaces in Wales.

The action comes after Mark Drakeford, Wales' first minister, said the country has reached a threshold where 20 people in 100,000 are suffering from coronavirus.

Cllr Hugh Evans, leader of the local authority, said: “We are keeping a close eye on the position in Caerphilly and in other parts of the UK where local restrictions have been introduced in light of a marked increase in the number of cases reported. This is not good news and the position in Caerphilly could potentially be repeated in any part of Wales.

“We have not seen a marked increase in the number of cases in Denbighshire and that is down to the efforts of our communities to maintain social distance and to follow strict hygiene advice. We would like to thank our communities for their great efforts and recognise the commitment and sacrifice made by people across the county.

“Inevitably, more cases will be reported as more tests are carried out across the country and the regional Test, Trace and Protect teams are busy tracking down people who may been in contact with individuals with coronavirus.

“They are doing great work and they’re making a real difference to people’s health and well-being by providing advice, guidance and support.

“However, we need to be vigilant now more than ever before,” he added.

“We cannot become complacent and we must remind ourselves that we are still in the middle of a pandemic and that some restrictions are still in place.

“We need to do our best to keep Denbighshire safe.

“The council has already introduced safety measures in our schools, our care homes, buildings and attractions. We have also done a lot of work in our town centres, working closely with the business sector to try and make people feel safer visiting our High Streets.

“We will continue to implement strict safety measures in the hope that it reduces the number of covid-19 cases in our communities.

“We will also continue to push the social distancing message and encourage our communities to continue to play their part in the fight against covid-19."