COUNCILS are set to be given the power to fine people for parking on pavements.

Welsh Government ministers are backing recommendations by independent panel the Welsh Pavement Parking Taskforce (WPPT) that would grant local authorities additional civil enforcement powers to fine problem parkers by 2022.

There is no specific offence of parking on pavements and while police can enforce the criminal offence of causing ‘unnecessary obstruction of any part of the highway’ it is rarely used.

“The current law is not as clear as it could be", said Deputy Transport Minister, Lee Waters, who set up the taskforce.

"This approach lets councils target hot spots and vary its approach depending on local circumstances.

“We recognise that in some streets there are too many cars for the space available and we don’t want to penalise people who have no alternative.

Mr Waters also said the powers could be used to encourage more people to walk for short journeys and make areas more pedestrian friendly.

The WPPT was set up last summer under transport engineer Phil Jones, who in parallel also chaired the taskforce on 20mph local speed limits, which the Welsh Government is set to put in place by 2023.