A FLOOD RELIEF fund has been launched to help business and homeowners in Ruthin.

At least 15 properties in the town were flooded on January 20, with boats used to evacuate eight people from their homes and a further 10 people 'self-evacuated' as Storm Christoph hit North Wales.

Now, Ruthin Town Council has set up a special bank account which will receive donations to help out victims of those floods.

Ruthin Flood Relief Group Chair, Reverend Stuart Evans, said: “The faith I believe in speaks of how the whole of humanity is inter-related. When one person weeps, we all join in.

"Amongst all the distress and upset of our recent floods here in Ruthin, it was heartening to see people recognising that ‘connectedness’ and offering practical support in the most challenging of times.

"Whilst the water may have receded the need for ongoing help hasn’t. Do, please, consider giving what you are able for the benefit of those affected."

Anyone looking to donate should contact Ruthin Town Council for details.