SOME “very modest changes” will be made to lockdown restrictions in Wales, First Minister Mark Drakeford has said.

Mr Drakeford began the review of coronavirus measures at Friday's briefing by talking about the level-four restrictions currently in place across Wales.

"The public health situation in Wales has improved significantly," he said, showing a slide of infection rates in Wales before and after the lockdown was announced in December.

Positivity rates are falling and the R number is below 1.

For the first time since early December, the number of people in hospital with coronavirus in Wales has fallen below 1,800.

He added that nearly 840,000 people in Wales have had their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine -around one-third of the adult population in Wales.

He says the situation is "improving every day" and there is "some headroom to make some changes".

These changes were outlined in the third three-week review of measures.

From Saturday, four people from two different households will be allowed to exercise outdoors together to help those struggling with lockdown.

“This does not mean that it is permissible for people to drive somewhere to exercise and it does mean exercise, not socialising,” Mr Drakeford told a press conference.

“Sport Wales will now make arrangements for more of our talented athletes to be able to resume training and playing.

“Next week, we will change the law to allow licensed wedding venues, such as visitor attractions and hotels to reopen, but only for the purpose of performing weddings and civil partnerships.

“And as more people are living and working in care homes with the vaccine having been delivered, we will look again at the most difficult and challenging issue – how to allow more visits in care homes to take place, provided it can be done safely.”

Another of the changes is that licensed wedding venues will be allowed to open, under strict rules, next week for wedding and civil partnerships.

There will also be more scope for visits at care homes from next week, added Mr Drakeford