THE Welsh Government’s innovation team is hosting a virtual event to help Small and Medium sized enterprises (SMEs) access funding and support to enable them to invest in new technology and strengthen their future.

The virtual event on March 17 will show how businesses in Wales have transformed through government funding and by adopting an innovative approach to technology.

The event will give anyone who attends access to experts who have helped Welsh businesses transform and grow – against the odds.

They will also hear from the very people who have already benefitted – so attendees can find out what that really means for small and medium sized businesses in Wales.

In a word, it’s about innovation but don’t let that put you off. What they actually mean is they’ll be introducing you to the technology, people and funding that can help you work better and faster to streamline, develop and grow your business.

Register now to:

  • Find out how to tap in to the millions of pounds of innovation funding available to Welsh business.
  • Learn about the types of innovation support available from the EU-funded SMART innovation programme.
  • Understand how to access an experienced Welsh Government innovation specialist.
  • …and be inspired by the stories of some of Wales’s most forward thinking employers who are using technology to their advantage.

Delegates will also hear directly from business-people who have already benefitted from working with an innovation specialist. Sign up now and spend a day working on your business, not just in your business.

Register now at: