New Vale of Clwyd MS Gareth Davies has told Radio Wales health was a “big concern” for voters in his constituency, when asked how he secured victory.

Mr Davies was the only Conservative candidate to breakthrough the so-called “red wall” of Labour constituencies at the Senedd election poll last Thursday.

He beat Labour’s Jason McLennan by 366 votes to help the Tories claim the seat for the first time ever – after Ann Jones had been an ever present since the birth of the National Assembly in 1999.

Speaking to journalist Claire Summers on the Radio Wales breakfast show this week the newly anointed Senedd Member revealed he was in the process of setting up his office in Cardiff and claimed to have run a “positive” campaign.

When asked what the decisive issues were he said: “I made it my intention to speak to as many people as I possibly could.

“Health’s a big concern – we have Ysbyty Glan Clwyd under Betsi Cadwaladr, which was in Special Measures for five years.

“As a health worker I was able to see that on the front line and project that to my residents, who duly obliged in voting for change in the Vale of Clwyd.”

Questioned on whether the Conservative Party would be disappointed not to have made more in-roads into north-east Wales Mr Davies said any party would want more seats.

He added: “We have had the highest amount of seats (ever for the Conservative Party) in the Senedd – 16 now. There’s a lot to be optimistic about.”

He also said he would be calling for a “clear route out of lockdown restrictions” from Welsh Government.

Mr Davies was a beck-bench Conservative councillor for Prestatyn prior to being plucked from obscurity and thrust into the limelight for the election.

He hasn’t yet indicated if he will retain his seat on the council or step aside.