EVERY week in the Denbighshire Free Press, we bring you the latest market reports from around the local area.

This week, it’s a Ruthin special.

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Ruthin Farmers Auction

Prime Stock Report

Tuesday May 25

1671 Prime Lambs to £166- 412.3ppk

487 Prime Hoggetts to £141-330ppk

437 Ewes to £179.

2 Prime Heifers to £1418.03 (268.5ppk)

Prime Lambs

Top Price

40.5kg @£166, E& G Hughes, Bwchanan

41kg@£166, EH & MR Jones, Model Farm

41kg@£164, OL & SL Jones, Bron Parc

Top Price per kilo

32.5kg@412.3ppk, JG&EV Roberts, Simdde Hir

38.5kg@410.4ppk, JG&EV Roberts, Simdde Hir

40.5kg@409.9pk, E & G Hughes, Bwchanan

Lights to 350ppk average 330.1pk

Standard to 412.3ppk average 331ppk

Mediums to 409.9ppk average 331ppk

Heavies to 342.6ppk average 303.2ppk

Overweights to ppk average ppk

Overall average 331.1ppk

SQQ 330.1ppk

Prime Hoggetts

Top Price

51kg@£141, D I Jones, Cerrig y Drudion

52kg@£141, D I Jones, Cerrig y Drudion

48kg@139, H L Griffiths, Ty Isa

Top Price per kilo

40kg@330ppk, H L Griffiths, Ty Isa

42kg@314.3ppk, H L Griffiths, Ty Isa

40kg@312.5ppk, H L Griffiths, Ty Isa

Super lights to ppk average ppk

Lights to 278.7ppk average 203.1ppk

Standard to 301.4ppk average 263.4ppk

Mediums to 330ppk average 275.8ppk

Heavies to 289.6ppk average 240.2ppk

Overweights to 263.6ppk average 200.0ppk

Overall average 257ppk

SQQ 262.7ppk

Cull Ewes

Top price today £179 from E Evans, Monfa.

All types of ewes im demand with buyers shouting for ewes.

Mules to £108

Suffolk to £130

Charollais to £133

Crossbred to £119

Welsh to £78

Cheviot to £105

Ewes averaged £90.62

More ewes required to meet demand.

Prime Cattle

Top price of £1418.03 went to for a 24 month Lim heifer weighing 555kg from D L Jones,

Cefn Iwrch , purchased by Daniel Morris, Denbigh.

Top price per kilo of 268.5ppk went for a 20 month Lim heifer weighing 510kg from Tudur Edwards, Brithdir purchased by Daniel Jones, Llandyrnog

Ruthin Farmers Auction

Store & Breeding Sale Report

Thursday, May 27

70 Heifers to £1570

49 Steers to £1590

27 Bulling Heifers to £1140

116 Calves to £540

26 Stirks to £640

32 OTMs to £,1404- 196ppk

12 Bulls to 3360gns

53 Cows & Calves £2140

461 Ewes & Lambs to £270

Store Cattle


70 heifers forward topping again with a quality 26 month Limousin heifer from MacCarter Farms achieving £1570.

17 month Lim-£1400

24 month Lim-£1200

12 month Lim-£1150

18 month Lim-£1140

17 month Lim-£1100

23 month Lim-1080

12 month Lim-£1075

16 month Lim-1060

13 month Lim-1060

15 month Lim-1050

16 month Lim-£1040

Overall average £888.46


49 steers forward and once again topping with a cracking steer @£1590 was MacCarter Farms with a 20 month Lim.

17 month Charolais-£1400

25 month British Blue-£1385

17 month Lim-£1310

19 month Lim-£1300

12 month Lim-1280

23 month Lim-£1200

26 month British Blue-£1200

19 month Lim-£1110

13 month Lim-£1100

19 month Hereford-£1090

12 month Lim-£1060

11 month Charolais-£1030

Overall average £1028.00


Auctioneer Rich Lloyd 07557230777

32 Barren cows today ,still a brisk trade and averaging 159.9ppk through and through.

38 month Lim cow weighing 590kg achieved £196ppk

30 month Welsh Black cow weighing 580kg achieved 185ppk

116 month Lim cow weighing 710kg achieved 180ppk

119 month Lim cow weighing 780kg achieved 180ppk

69 month Lim cow weighing 770kg achieved 177ppk

91 month Lim cow weighing 775kg achieved 175ppk

131 month Lim cow weighing 735kg achieved 175ppk

61 month Lim cow weighing 790kg achieved 174ppk

79 month British Blue cow weighing 635kg achieved 166ppk

40 month British Blue cow weighing 525kg achieved 164ppk

68 month Lim cow weighing 695kg achieved 162ppk

55 month Lim cow weighing 540kg achieved 159ppk

97 month Aberdeen Angus cow weighing 625kg achieved 158ppk

34 month Stabiliser cow weighing 530kg achieved 156ppk

45 month Lim cow weighing 570kg achieved 155ppk

Bulling Heifers

Some of the prices achieved

20 month British Blue £1140

24 month Lim £1140

24 month Aberdeen Angus £1035

21 month British Blue £1030.

Cows & Calves

52 Cows & Calves met a flying trade from start to finish with a 100% clearance!

All ages and breeds in keen demand with buyers present from near and far.

Next breeding sale is to be held on the 10th June. If you have any to sell please give us a call.

Lim 5th calver with Lim heifer calf at foot sold to £2140 with another to £2140.

Lim 1st calver with Lim bull calf at foot sold to £2050.

British Blue 2nd calver with Lim heifer calf sold to £1780.

Aberdeen Angus 1st calver with Aberdeen Angus bull calf at foot £1320

A consignment of 10 Lim first calvers with Hamlet calves at foot met a very satisfying average in excess of £1800.

An entry of aged cows with calves at foot from one farm met a flying trade ranging from £1200-1360.


12 Bulls forward with a good selection on offer. If you have any to sell please give us a call.

Some of the prices

6 year old Lim bull from Noble, Coed Mawr achieved 3360gns

2 year old Lim bull from CM Edwards, Bryn Rodyn achieved 2677.50gns

3 year old Stabiliser bull from Nanhoron Farms achieved 2205gns

2 year old Lim bull from CM Edwards, Bryn Rodyn achieved 1995gns

7 year old AA bull from WO& OE Jones & Son, Hendre Bryn Cyffo achieved 1722gns

4 year old Lim bull from HE & DE Morris, Gydros achieved 1533gns

3 year old Stabiliser bull from Nanhoron Farms achieved 1522.50gns

Ewe & Lamb Couples

461 Couples forward (1019 head).

Big entry of Hoggetts with top price of £270 for Texel x Hoggetts and Beltex lambs at foot

Going to T J Davies,Wynnstay Farm.

Top price doubles £245 for a pen of Texel x Lleyn 3 year old ewes and Texel lambs from Mari Roberts, Ochr Cefn.

Halfbred singles to £205

Texel singles to £270, Doubles to £245