DENBIGHSHIRE County Council insists that ‘no decision has been made’ regarding the felling of a tree despite a petition having been signed by more than 300 people.

The petition, recently set up by Scott Felton, has collected 380 signatures to date (figure correct at time of writing) and calls for the ‘last remaining’ acacia tree on Castle Street in Llangollen to stay standing.

The petition page states that 'A group of town and county councillors representing Llangollen in north east Wales want to see the last remaining, perfectly healthy street tree in the main thoroughfare felled to make way for new vanity paving'.

But, the county council is adamant that they are 'not aware' of any indication to fell it.

A spokesperson for Denbighshire County Council said: “No decisions have been taken regarding the future of the tree. Its health and the condition are currently being assessed by tree experts and we are awaiting their findings.”

But, despite this, residents have rallied round to protect the tree in case a decision is made to fell it.

The petiton page started by Scott Felton added: "Despite constant denials and secrecy, freedom of information requests have uncovered the desire and hidden plan to fell the blameless and harmless 70+ year old false acacia tree.

"The tree stands on the border of town council property (town hall) and the public pavement (Denbighshire county council). Both councils have an interest in taking the easy option and felling the tree when for little financial cost from a multi-million pound project, it could be incorporated rather than destroyed.

"Those involved in this plot believe they can simply replace it with at least one other ‘instant’ and costly street tree which could never match the existing carbon storage capacity, oxygen giving potential nor the existing tree’s personal eco-system of macro and micro fauna and flora. This is unacceptable. The last tree standing must be protected. Please support this petition to tell all involved the tree must stay."

To view or sign the petition, go to: