"A TIDY shirt won't win up promotion alone...but it's a massive statement for the future of our club."

That was the feeling outside The Racecourse this morning as Wrexham fans lined up to be the first to buy the new shirt.

This shirt is different - it has the logo of global entertainment platform TikTok emblazoned across the front for one thing.

It s the first shirt of a new era for the club under the ownership of Hollywood pals Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

Perhaps a promotion winning shirt?

Fans waiting to enter the club shop pointed out that it would take more than a shirt to earn promotion, but there is a sense of confidence that things are being done right and there is reason to be optimistic.

Stephen Rogers, of Minera, was first to buy the hotly anticipated shirt.

He said: "I have supported Wrexham for 51 years. I have bought lots of shirts over the years but this is a special one.

"I didn't expect to be the first in the queue. I arrived at about 8am and suddenly I was the centre of attention."

Nick Bradshaw was here to buy shirts for himself and his four children.

He said: "I'm excited. It is a great sponsor for the club and there have been a lot of positive changes already.

"Fans need to understand that things will take time. We need to get the right players in and appoint a new manager who will need to be given time."

Kevin Eaton, of Wrexham, said: "At the end of the day it won't be the shirt that gets us promoted it will be the players and the manager.

"You can have all the money in the world and have the nicest shirt but that won't get us back in the league. And that's what needs to happen, it has been too long."

Alun Gilpin, of Rhos, was buying shirts for himself and his children.

He said: "My youngest , Evan, isn't as interested in football as the others but he loves TikTok.

"It's a massive deal for us. And for TikTok as well - it just needs Rob or Ryan to make one TikTok video and they will have had their money's worth."

Olive and Walter Roberts were also at the front of the queue.

Olive said: "We have been Wrexham supporters all our lives but only started going to the matches after we retired, now we go to as many games as we can.

"What is happening at the club is brilliant. We are very hopeful for the future."

Huw Evans had come from Denbigh to buy his shirt.

Matt Gibson, of Wrexham, said he felt the buying the shirt was like owning a piece of the club's history.

"Hopefully it will be a promotion winning shirt," he said.

Linda Massey might not have been the first in the queue but the shirt she was buying was going to be heading for Australia.

She said: "They are for my son who lives in Australia. I am getting him the red home shirt and the goalkeeper top as he is a goalkeeper."

The Leader asked fans who they wanted to see appointed as the club's new manager.

The favourite was Phil Parkinson with some fans also suggesting former Wrexham player Andy Morrell.