A LITTLE piece of railway history in Bala has been repaired over recent weeks.

A signal in the town has been in place for more than two decades to mark the spot of the former Bala railway station.

It had been rusting, meaning necessary repair work was required on the plaque and signal.

Artro Evans, of Bala, who is a craftsman in the welding trade, kindly volunteered to undertake the necessary work with the help of Eryl Edwards, of Llanuwchllyn, one of the few ex-railwaymen still living in the area.

Mr Edwards said: "To those of you who were privileged to have experienced and enjoyed the journey by train from Ruabon to Barmouth you will, no doubt, regard it as one of the finest in Great Britain.

"The Great Western Railway once described this 55-mile journey as 'a paradise for artists and fishermen as a country rich in mountain streams, wild woods and wild views, unbeaten in any part of Wales'."

The branch was closed back in January 1965.

"Although many years have passed since the closure of the branch several ex-railwaymen and women have, prior to the present Covid restrictions, been attending railway reunions in Llanuwchllyn, although sadly a few have recently passed away," added Mr Edwards.

"To those of you who now travel to or through Bala by road you may notice on your immediate left as you enter the town from the Corwen area a signal which was erected and presented by the kindness of volunteers from the Llangollen Railway, in April 1997, as a reminder of where the Bala station stood.

"A special thanks should be offered to Brynle Evans, of Wrexham and an ex-railway employee himself, who worked tirelessly in obtaining, through connections, this signal.

"A ceremony was held at this particular spot on April 19, 1997, when a plaque (on the signal) was unveiled by Dorothy Selleck of Wrexham, who was a railwayman’s daughter.

"Miss Selleck has always paid tribute to the Bala railway people who gave great support when her late father, George Selleck, suffered serious leg injuries during a railway accident, this when she was a very small child."

Mr Edwards added: "If and when you next visit Bala remember to turn into the famous “Green” Car Park so that you can tell the younger generation where the Bala Station once stood.

"It was a central part of a railway line which was historically significant, played an integral role in the community and was visually beautiful."