THE future is looking bright for Wrexham Lager - but this family firm never forgets its history.

Fresh from having sponsoring a stand at The Racecourse, teaming up with Village Bakery to launch a Wrexham Lager flavoured pie, and another gold medal for the popular Bootlegger 1974 Pilsner, the brewery has looked back to its past.

Wrexham Lager has a rich history, it was even served on the ill-fated Titanic.

But, for many of us, when we think of Wrexham Lager we think of the iconic sky blue cans and branding.

And the sky blue is back - this time on 5L cans just in time for Christmas.

The Leader met with Wrexham Lager's Joss Roberts to find out about this blast from the past.

Joss, we saw your teaser of the iconic blue making a return on your social media, why bring it back now?

Joss said: "The sky blue is synonymous with Wrexham Lager and it’s how a lot of people will remember the old brewery before it sadly went out of business (along with the smell of brewing!), and with Wrexham Lager now reaching its tenth anniversary, we knew it was the perfect chance to revitalise and celebrate a brand which became so fondly recognisable to locals and people all over.

"We are always improving, but before bringing back pieces of history, we wanted to make sure we were doing the name of Wrexham lager proud, along with a couple other things.

"After a rollercoaster few years and multiple recognitions all over, we are not only trying to do the name of Wrexham lager proud, but hopefully Wrexham proud too."

With the teaser of the blue logo on social media, people may be hoping you will bring back the old blue cans or other merchandise like the ash trays or pumps?

Joss said: "This is just the start. We’re not trying to rewrite history, but instead celebrate it and enjoy it once more! We felt after last year’s Christmas in which friends and family couldn’t meet up, what better way to celebrate than to crack open 8.8 pints on Christmas Day as a perfect sharer alongside some bottles and a few in the local too! We’re ecstatic with how the 5L cans have come out – who knew there was seven shades of just the light blue to pick from!

"And of course, we all want the cans to return! And they will for sure. And it definitely won’t be another ten years until they do. What Wrexham fan wouldn’t want to be travelling to Wrexham AFC matches with a few of them in their hand! Although the bottles are very tough to beat (if I say so myself!). I’m not too sure on the ash trays though."

Would the company ever look to rebrand to the old blue logo?

Joss said: "Personally, no, I don’t think so. As stated, we’re not trying to rewrite history and the old brewery isn’t there anymore. Wrexham Lager has its own new main logo and its own new state of the art brewery in the centre of town. Companies can have different brands for different products and we look forward to revealing more as time goes on."

Anything else you would like to add?

Joss said: "From all of us at the brewery, a huge thank you to everyone who continues to support us. Its greatly appreciated and always will be.

"Iechyd Da."