A KIND-hearted care organisation has come to the rescue after the £400 in donations from an orchestra’s 10th anniversary concert in a church was stolen.

Bosses at Pendine Park were so horrified by the shocking theft at St Giles’ Parish Church in Wrexham that they have reimbursed the Wrexham and St Asaph based NEW Sinfonia for the full amount.

The cash box was stolen by a thief who struck despite several people being there at the time, including brothers Robert and Jonathan Guy who founded the orchestra to provide a platform for the talents of up and coming musicians.

The money was donated via the Pendine Arts and Community Trust (PACT), which more than 30 supports arts and community-based activities across Wales.

The trust also gave a further £250 to St Giles’ Parish Church towards its community work.

The brothers, from Wrexham, told how they were “aghast and deeply saddened” on discovering the cashbox was missing.

Robert said: “We were packing up our things to leave the church and placed a few items on a table top. Both Jon and I and our parents were all within a few feet of the table all the time.

“I went to go and bring our car round to pack our things into and when I returned I was stunned to hear that the cashbox had gone missing. The thief must have struck like lightning. We did not even know there was anyone else in the church. “

Accomplished composer and clarinetist Jonathan said: “It was so heart-wrenching to think someone could do that. This was money which was received on the night for last minute entry and donations. A number of people kind heartedly gave more than our ticket asking price.

“To think it was so flagrantly taken while we were in the room is deeply saddening, not just for the orchestra but it sullies the good reputation of the church as well.”

Police are now investigating the theft.

NEW Sinfonia is the resident orchestra of the North Wales International Music Festival in St Asaph which is also supported by PACT.

The night of the cashbox theft saw them perform with the Chester DeeSign choir at a concert titled ‘Angels Sign and Sing’, so called because it coincided with the current Festival of Angels which has been delighting visitors to St Giles.


Pendine Park; St Giles’ Church in Wrexham; Pictured Sarah Edwards Artist in residence at Pendine Park. Picture Mandy Jones

Pendine Park; St Giles’ Church in Wrexham; Pictured Sarah Edwards Artist in residence at Pendine Park. Picture Mandy Jones


The entire interior of the church is festooned with 6,000 handmade decorative angels in a host of different designs to commemorate the 6,000-plus victims of Covid-19 in Wales.

The Rev Dr Jason Bray, vicar of St Giles, said the festival had touched many hearts and provoked magnificent feedback from the local community.

He said: “Many spirits have been lifted by what has been achieved here with the festival and the Angels Sign and Sing concert which created such a wonderful feelgood factor.

“It is hard to think that amidst all that positivity such a contemptible act could have taken place. It is not just the financial loss which is so upsetting but the violation of the sanctity of the church.”

The Rev Dr Bray thanked Pendine Park and other community members who had supported the church and NEW Sinfonia in the wake of the theft.