A dog is thought to have been stolen from a property in Denbigh after his kennel was found open by his owners.

Bracken, an 8-year-old Saluki who has distinctive markings on his fur, went missing on Nant Glyn Road, Denbigh sometime between 9am and 11am on Thursday, January 6.

His owners had been out working that morning, which was unusual for them as normally at least one of them is at the property and came back to find only two of their three dogs with the kennel doors open.

The two remaining are both younger and female and one of them is only four to five months old with makes Bracken's disappearance more confusing as Bracken seems the least likely to be taken of the three.

At first his owner, Jennifer McGuiness, thought he had got out but said they found the doors to the kennel unbolted and both doors, to the main part of the kennel and one for the bedroom, were wide open.

The bedroom bolt in particular is tight, and requires the door being lifted to get it in the catch. It is not something the dogs would have been able to do on their own nor had it come loose leading them to believe the doors had been physically opened.

Footprints were also found leading in and out of the garden through an entrance that they don't use regularly.

Jennifer has since put post across local groups in Facebook to see if anyone knows any more information.

The dogs are not often taken away from the house due to the land surrounding it but on New Year's Day the dogs were taken to the beach in Abergele where Jennifer thinks they may have been followed from.

She added: "We're not very public, you can't see anything into our garden from the main road. You have got to approach the house so, other than the post man and the odd delivery driver there's no one that comes.

"I just don't see how someone stumbled across him that morning by chance and took him, because you'd have to be looking."

Nothing else has been taken from the house as far as they are aware but North Wales Police are involved in the incident and have also put an appeal out to the public over social media.

If you have any information that would help them with their investigation, please contact them via the live webchat online or on 101 quoting ref 22000013819.

Alternatively, please call CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111