Whether you’re a yearlong vegan or trying out a new lifestyle, searching for and discovering new vegan products is essential.

This Veganuary, fitness nutrition brand Myvegan has introduced some amazing new products, as well as stocking some fan favourites to help you through your vegan journey.

With a wide range of plant-based products to choose from including proteins, on-the-go snacks, healthy cooking ingredients and daily vitamins, Myvegan has got you covered for all occasions.

And better yet, you can get up to 60% off your purchase in the sale.

Below we have listed just some of the amazing products you can treat yourself to this Veganuary.

Myvegan Veganuary discounts

Vegan Double Dough Brownie

This is a newly launched product for 2022. The indulgent treat is packed with 13g of plant-based protein and over 7g of natural fibre to help keep you fuller for longer.

You can get a 12 pack of the brownie for £25.99.

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Vegan Protein Blend

This classic go-to vegan protein has 22g of plant-based protein. It also has 9 essential amino acids to help you grow and maintain muscle mass. Flavours include banana, strawberry, turmeric latte and more.

Clear Vegan Protein

This clear protein is perfect if you prefer fruit juice-like drinks. With 10g of protein, this drink also has 50% of your daily recommended intake of B vitamins. You can enjoy flavours such as apple and elderflower, lemon and lime, watermelon and more.

Vegan Carb Crusher

This is a great plant-based snack. It has a delicious caramel layer, dark chocolate coating and is topped with soy protein nuggets.

Vegan Vitamins

You can also stock up on a wide variety of Myvegan vitamins. From Omega 3 Vegan Supplements to Vegan Iron and Folic Acid, you can find all the vitamins you need on the Myvegan website.


Head to the Myvegan to shop the vast range of vegan products.