WALES economy minister says he doesn't have much sympathy for UK Prime Minister for Boris Johnson over the Downing Street parties scandal.

Vaughan Gething was asked the question at Tuesday's press briefing on the Covid battle in Wales.

Mr Gething said: “I don’t have much sympathy for Boris Johnson at all, actually.

"The culture within Downing Street where he is directly responsible, the revelations, the fact he has admitted he really did attend a ‘work event’ that he couldn’t tell was actually a drinks party.

“If the First Minister here had gone out onto the grass outside Cathays Park with his elderflower cordial to meet 30 Welsh Government workers who were having drinks, Andrew RT Davies and the Welsh Tories would’ve gone purple with rage and it would not have stopped being talked about.

“No-one would have bought this ridiculous excuse that it was actually a work event not a drinks party, and no-one would have been fobbed off with the idea that you didn’t need to account for what you were really doing until a civil servant who is ultimately responsible to you has done a report.

“I just wish there was a sense of decency and accountability in Downing Street.”