A MAJOR procession will be held during the week of the Urdd Eisteddfod.

As an organisation passionate about providing Welsh-medium education to every child in Wales, Mudiad Meithrin will be hosting a procession at the festival on Saturday, June 4.

It will take place at 10.30am with the aim of celebrating Welsh-medium education in the area.

Cylchoedd Meithrin and Cylchoedd Ti a Fi have been busy creating colourful banners to carry as part of the parade, and the top-three will all receive a prize.

The parade will also celebrate the good news that the Dewin and Doti Festival Tour is back in its traditional form after three years.


It will tour all over Wales with a young children’s shows hosted by popular children's entertainer Siani Sionc.

The parade will start from Mudiad Meithrin’s stand and finish on one of the main stages, where Siani Sionc will give a live performance as a taste of the show that will be part of the Gwyl Dewin a Doti Festival.

Carys Gwyn, regional manager for the north-east, said: "We estimate that around 300 people will be taking part in this procession carrying their colourful banners to celebrate Welsh-medium education in the area.

"We also welcome any child and his/her family visiting the Eisteddfod who attends a Cylch Meithrin in any part of Wales to join us.”

The Urdd Eisteddfod is being held in Denbigh from May 30-June 4.