Ruthin primestock sale - June 10

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of prime lambs to £148 / 354.4ppk, prime hoggets to £138 / 282.1ppk and ewes to £210.

Prime lambs (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

A good entry with 593 forward.

More lambs about during the week and a slipping trade, but still achieving an SQQ of 315.3ppk and demand continues at a price.

Top priced per kilo:

39.5kg at 354.4 by I Evans, Wern Derw; 42kg at 352.4 by R & E Williams & Son, Hendre; 39kg at 348.7 by R & E Williams & Son, Hendre.

Top priced:

42kg at £148 by R & E Williams & Son, Hendre; 42kg at £146 by R M Mcnaught, Pandy; 45kg at £141 by J Horton, Weaver View Farm.

Overall average 314.3ppk.

Prime hoggs (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

Farmers still finding hoggets and 220 forward on the day to an SQQ of 233.2ppk.

Top priced:

70kg at £138 by I P Jones, Maes Tyddyn; 63kg at £135 by I P Jones, Maes Tyddyn; 53kg at £134 by D Morris, Melin Byr Hedyn.

Top priced per kilo:

39kg at 282.1 by A Jones, Segrwyd Goch; 42kg at 276.2 by J E Jones & Co, Cae’r Gai; 43.5kg at 275.9 by A Jones, Segrwyd Goch.

Overall average 232.4ppk. 

More are required weekly.

Cull ewes (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Top price of the day was achieved by P Parrish, Firs Farm at £210 for Texel ewes.

Welsh to £88; Texel to £210; Cheviots to £120; Crossbred to £150; Mules to £132; Tal y Bont to £116; Zwarbles to £90; Half Bred to £129; Beltex to £200; Overall average £87.73.

SEE: Last week's prices


Ruthin store and breeding sale - June 9

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of one bull to 3300gns; 29 heifers to £1540; 31 steers to £1425; 28 calves to £500; seven stirks to £820; 16 OTMs to £1963.50 / 255ppk; six cows & calves to £1380, and 49 ewes & lambs to £248.

Store cattle (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

Fewer in numbers on the day... but what a trade!

A total of 76 forward with demand certainly outstripping supply.


Excellent trade topping at £1540 for a cracking 25 month old Lim heifer from N Jones, Rofft and a 23 month BB at £1535.

Some other prices: 18 month Lim £1410; 19 month Lim £1200.

Younger heifers:

12 month Char £1240.

Overall average £1002.59.


Steers topping at £1425 for a 20 month British Blue from Ian Evans, Wern Derw.

Other prices: 21 month British Shorthorn £1365.

Younger steers:

12 month Char £1150; 8 month Char £1100; 14 month Char £1050; 13 month BB £970.

Overall average £1085.65.

The usual variety on offer with competitive bidding on all types and many going home with empty trailers.

More are required weekly to meet demand.

If you have cattle to sell it’s always helpful to pre-notify the auction of your entries.

OTMs (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

Trade as strong as ever with 16 forward.

Top price achieved by JG & IML Evans, Ty Cerrig with 38 month Lim (770kg) at 255ppk (£1963.50).

34 month Lim-460kg-222ppk; 38 month Lim-530kg-218ppk; 70 month BF-705kg-196ppk; 65 month Stabiliser-535kg-192ppk; 43 month BF-530kg-192ppk; 75 month BB-690kg-191ppk; 108 month AA-790kg-189ppk; 79 month Her-770kg-186ppk; 45 month Saler-620kg-180ppk; 101 month BF-670kg-170ppk; 86 month Lim-550kg-168ppk; 169 month Lim-625kg-166ppk; 100 month Lim-550kg-164ppk; 192 month Stabiliser-590kg-155ppk; 58 month Lim-510kg-146ppk.

Overall average 187.8ppk.

Calves (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

Despite a very small show of calves, with only 28 forward, four times as many could have been sold!

They were a flying trade.

As is to be expected the suckler bred calves topped the market but the dairy bred calves looked best sold on the day, the strongest of these are exceeding expectations by £100 or more as the strong weaners trade forces buyers to look for lounger calf/replacements.

More required weekly to keep with demand.

Top price of £520 went to G & S Evans, Bryn Bras with a Lim heifer calf.
Others: Saler bull calf to £470; Saler heifer calf to £245; Charolais bull calf to £425; Lim bull calf to £360; BB bull calf to £350; BB heifer calf to £300; Hereford bull calf to £280; AA bull calf to £265.

Weanlings (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

12 month Lim bullocks to £820 and Lim heifers to £700 from Deian Williams, Hendre.

More required on a weekly basis

Ewe & lamb couples (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

A total of 49 couples forward.

Top price of £248 went to R Davies, Pen Aled with Mule twins.

Singles: Average £128.81 / £64.40 a life; Lleyn to £100; Crossbred to £145; Welsh to £95; Mule to £172; Texel to £162; Beltex to £145.

Doubles: Average £183.25 / £61.08 a life; Crossbred to £190; Welsh to £188; Mule to £248.

Overall Average £147.34. 


Ruthin primestock sale - June 7

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 2413 prime lambs to £186 / 455ppk; 256 prime hoggets to £156 / 310.6ppk and 1147 ewes to £220.

Prime lambs (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A total of 2413 lambs on the day and a pleasing trade of 344ppk.

Very consistent trade through all weight ranges with 1176 mediums at 345ppk.

Only 78 heavy and overweight combined returning an average of £160/head.

1078 standards at 342ppk and 75 lights at 335ppk.

Still some exceptional prices on the very best ranging from £168 to £186 with an overall sale average of £134.00.

Top priced:

Lights (32kg) £112 by Jones Bros, Rhiwaedog; Standards (38kg) £170 by G J Walton & Partner, Llyn Tro; Mediums (43kg) £186 by C Jones & Son, Plas, Llandegfan; Heavies (50kg) £170 by J A Jones, Fferam y Llan; Over weights (58kg) £173 by OL & SL Jones, Bron Parc.

Top priced per kilo:

Lights 355.6ppk by T E Rowland, Tyddyn Du; Standards 447.4ppk by G J Walton & Partner, Llyn Tro; Mediums 455ppk by C Jones & Son, Plas, Llandegfan; Heavies 355.3ppk by OL & SL Jones, Bron Parc; Over weights 313ppk by J S Davies & Son, Derwen Deg.

Lights to 355.6ppk - av 335ppk; Standards to 447.4ppk - av 342.8ppk; Mediums to 455ppk - av 345.2ppk; Heavies to 355.3ppk - av 335.6ppk; Overs to 313ppk - av 305.9ppk.

Overall average 343.5ppk; SQQ 343.9pk.

Prime hoggets (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

Top Priced:

Lights (30.5kg) £85 by Mrs F R Jones, Graig; Standards (39kg) £105 by R M Mcnaught, Pandy; Mediums (44kg) £133 by Arwel Jones, Beidiog Ucha; Heavies (52kg) £142 by G L Jones, Maes Annod; Overweights (61kg) £156 by Ty Isa, Llanfair DC.

Top priced per kilo:

Lights 288.5ppk by Mrs F R Jones, Graig; Standards 283.3ppk by G L Jones, Maes Annod; Mediums 316ppk by Ty Isa, Llanfair DC; Heavies 304.1ppk by Ty Isa, Llanfair DC; Overs 255.7ppk by Ty Isa, Llanfair DC.

Lights to 288.5ppk - av 247.2ppk; Standards to 283.3ppk - av 234.2ppk; Mediums to  310.6ppk - av 274.1ppk; Heavies to 304.4ppk - av 263.3ppk; Overs to 255.7ppk - av 228.6ppk.

Overall average 255.6ppk; SQQ 267.3ppk.

Cull ewes (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

A total of 1147 ewes & rams forward with an overall average of £110.68.

Top price went to Gop Farm for a Beltex ewe at £220, followed closely by Roberts & Son, Myfyrian at £209 for two Texel ewes.

Top price rams £195 from Glan Terrig Farms.

Crossbred ram to £195; Crossbred ewe to £141; Mules to £140; Texel to £209; Welsh to £116; Halfbred to £110; Beltex to £220; Aberfield to £132; Lleyn to £142; Charollais to £186; Suffolk to £188; Scotch to £130; Zwarble to £90; Speckled to £82; Bluefaced Leicester to £122; Kerry Hill to £110.

Overall ram average £130.75; Overall ewe average £110.61

Please keep numbers coming to satisfy strong demand every Tuesday & Friday.