BUSINESSES in the region are being urged to join a major campaign to help North Wales reach net zero status.

The driving force behind the crusade is the North Wales Mersey Dee Business Council, who say an environmentally-responsible approach also makes sound commercial sense.

The group has brought together the region’s most forward thinking entrepreneurs working collectively to achieve a greener future.

Among their aims is to jointly lobby governments, local authorities and key figures in industry urging them to further invest in the development of carbon-neutral technologies.

Around 30 local enterprises contributed to the inaugural Net Zero North Wales meeting at the Conwy Business Centre in Llandudno Junction with some attending in person and others virtually.


Denbighshire Free Press: Ashley Rogers, commercial director of the business councilAshley Rogers, commercial director of the business council


They included some of the region’s net zero leaders – companies with a track record of working to reduce their carbon footprint while improving productivity at the same time.

The campaign will focus on several key areas for businesses and not for profit organisations, including the development of low carbon and renewable energy supplies.

This will include looking at hydrogen as a potential fuel source, improving electric vehicle recharging infrastructure, on-site or local energy generation, energy efficiency and retrofit schemes for properties.

They will also look for ways to help the transport sector become less carbon reliant, and for the fostering of a ‘circular economy’ to reduce waste and advance recycling schemes.

Business council chief executive Ashley Rogers said by working together North Wales companies and not for profit organisations presented a stronger voice as they pursue crucial goals to keep the local and global environment safe for future generations.

Many local businesses had already received recognition for work they have put in towards becoming carbon neutral, such as through the use of solar technologies at their premises, use of electric vehicles and introduction of recycling protocols.

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Mr Rogers said: “They are widely recognised as local pioneers in promoting clean energy and sustainable production methods which still retain profitability.

"We can all learn from their experiences and from each other as we go forward.

"This is the basic concept behind the Net Zero North Wales network and we are calling on organisations across the region to get involved.”

Clare Budden, group chief executive for ClwydAlyn Housing and the business council chair, was excited to see so many different spheres of business represented at the meeting.

She said: “It’s crucial we share ideas, lobby influential authorities and come up with innovative ways in which the whole of our region’s community can benefit from the campaign to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint.

“I am glad to say that the social housing sector is already working innovatively and playing a leading role in the race to achieve a net zero North Wales.

“Social landlords are investing huge amounts of money into decarbing existing properties and building new energy efficient, low carbon homes which is not only helping in terms of climate change but also tackling fuel poverty at the same time.”

For organisations interested in joining the Net Zero North Wales network, e-mail for more details.