HELPING people in south Denbighshire to save energy - that's the aim of a project in Llangollen.

The Llangollen Friends of the Earth offered free thermal imaging surveys to help households see where their homes were losing heat.

The group’s project aimed to help local residents while highlighting the need for government action to help households reduce their energy use.

Over 40 houses were imaged over a number of evenings by the project volunteers. Reports were prepared and a feedback session was put together to help householders understand their reports and the options open to them.

Speaking about the project, volunteer Katharine Mann said: “With the recent hikes in energy prices this project offered people an easy way to understand where they were losing heat from their homes and explained what action they could take to reduce it.”

The group is now calling on the Welsh and UK governments to do more to help people save energy through home insulation.

The project received very positive feedback; every home imaged said that they would take some action as a result of the survey findings.


Denbighshire Free Press: Volunteers with MS Carolyn ThomasVolunteers with MS Carolyn Thomas

Half planned to install radiator foil, and many are considering loft insulation, double glazing and additional wall insulation.

Warren Davies, the coordinator of Llangollen Friends of the Earth, said: “We’ve shown people where they are losing heat, but improving a home’s energy efficiency can be very expensive.

"The UK and Welsh Government must do more to support residents to make changes.

"In terms of warm homes, local employment and reduced reliance on fossil fuel, insulation is win-win.”

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Hot water and heating account for up to 75 per cent of energy use in UK homes and the UK has some of the least efficient housing in Europe which has meant soaring energy costs.

The project was supported by the Clwydian Range and Dee Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Sustainable Development Fund (SDF).

It was also supported by 10 volunteers who received training and spent time imaging buildings around Llangollen.