FANCY being the king - or queen - of the castle?

Secrets will be revealed this weekend as part of Ruthin Festival.

This coming Sunday, June 26, the secrets of Ruthin Castle will be told with two separate tours, one at 1pm and the other at 3pm, which will take people back to medieval times to when the castle was built, including all the changes and alterations since then, with all the castle’s fascinating history.

The tour will be led by local archeologist Fiona Gale and will include all parts of the medieval castle.

Ruthin Castle was built in the late 13th century during Edward I’s campaigns into Wales.

The site was initially granted to Dafydd, prince of the royal house of Gwynedd, for the purpose of building a defensive stronghold for the English king.

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But, in 1282, Dafydd attacked Edward’s troops and thereafter the site was given to the English nobleman Reginald de Grey.

He constructed a strong castle with a defended town to keep order in the area, and this mighty, twin-towered great gatehouse was built as the main entrance.

A conservation trust was formed in 2016 to preserve the medieval castle walls with trustees including historical experts, local volunteers and representatives of the owners of Ruthin Castle.

"Contrary to local belief, much remains of medieval Ruthin Castle, despite the defensive walls and internal buildings being slighted after the Civil War, and then abandoned and falling into disrepair," said trust chair Fiona Gale.

"In 2017/18 some emergency holding repairs were undertaken on areas of the defensive walls and now, for the first time, work funded by CADW and the Welsh Government is taking place to record and reconsolidate the remains of the magnificent Great Gatehouse."


Denbighshire Free Press: The Great Gatehouse of Ruthin Castle after the vegetation was removed and some restoration workThe Great Gatehouse of Ruthin Castle after the vegetation was removed and some restoration work


The first phase of work in 2022 has involved the removal of vegetation from the walls of the gatehouse and the complete laser survey of the area, followed by reconsolidation and repair of the fragile masonry.

At all stages, archaeologists and ecologists are watching the work to ensure that no damage or disturbance results.

In the early 19th century, Harriet Myddleton, of Chirk Castle, inherited Ruthin Castle and built a mansion house within the ruins.

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This was further extended and altered in the 1850s by her nephew Frederick West and fashionable picturesque gardens were laid out within the encircling Medieval walls.

This 19th Century structure is now the award-winning Ruthin Castle Hotel.

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Booking a place on the tours is essential.

Booking must be done by contacting Siop Elfair on 01824 702575 before 5pm on Saturday, June 25.

Each tour starts promptly at 1pm and 3pm and the meeting point is at the main entrance to Ruthin Castle.