PEOPLE eligible for the spring COVID-19 booster are being urged to get vaccinated before the cut-off date of this Thursday (June 30).

Since late March, people aged 75 and over, care home residents, and anyone aged 12 or over who is immunosuppressed have been able to get their spring booster to increase their level of protection against Covid-19.

By taking up the offer of a spring booster now, this allows a sufficient interval between doses, if they are deemed eligible by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) for an autumn 2022 booster.

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If someone eligible for a spring booster has had a Covid-19 infection recently, they will need to wait 28 days (four weeks) from the date they tested positive before they can be vaccinated. They will still be able to get vaccinated after June 30 if they have to postpone their appointment.

Eluned Morgan, health minister,  said: “Our high vaccination rates are really encouraging and every vaccination helps people to maintain high levels of protection from Covid-19.

“If you have been offered a spring booster vaccination then please make the effort to arrange your appointment before the June 30 cut-off and continue to keep Wales safe.”

Denbighshire Free Press: Welsh Health Minister, Eluned Morgan Welsh Health Minister, Eluned Morgan

Parents and guardians are also encouraged to check when their children aged 5 to 11 are due their next vaccination.

If a child has recently had Covid-19 when they were offered their vaccination in the early spring, they will be able to be vaccinated after 12 weeks.

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Any child who has had their first dose, is encouraged to take up the offer of their second dose before the start of the autumn school term.

The Welsh Government is also encouraging students to complete their full course of two doses before returning to university and college in September to make sure they are as protected as possible.

Check your local health board for full details of how to get vaccinated -