Ruthin store and breeding sale - June 23

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of six bulls to 3,250gns; six cows & calves to £1,300; 33 heifers to £1,400; 51 steers to £1,660; 63 calves to £475; 11 stirks to £800; 16 OTMs to £2,267.20 / 249ppk; 18 ewes & lambs to £220 and store lambs to £92.

Store cattle (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

An increased entry on the day with 103 store cattle forward and a brisk trade throughout.

Heifers topping at £1,160 for a 11 month Charolais from Robin Roberts, Fodol

Some other prices:

23 month Lim £1,100 by O L Roberts; 24 month Lim £1,100 by O P Evans; 12 month Lim £1,060 by R Roberts; 23 month BB £1,000 by O P Evans.

Overall average £908.89.


Steers topping at £1,660 for a 20 month Limousin from H ap T Price, Cefn Naw Clawdd.

Some other prices:

18 month Lim £1,480 by H ap T Price; 22 month Sim £1,240 by I A Jones; 20 month Sim £1,220 by E Y Davies & Son; 22 month BB £1,210 by I A Jones.

Overall average £963.49p.

More cattle are required weekly.

Pedigree Aberdeen Angus on behalf of the ‘Graig Herd’ 8 heifers averaging £1,058.75p.

23month to £1,400, £1,200, £1,080, £1,060, £1050 and £950.

Six Aberdeen Angus breeding bulls forward on the day with an overall average of 2,408gns.

23month old to 3,250gns; 17month old to 3,050gns; 23month old to 2,700gns; 24month old to 2,200gns; 21month old to 1,650gns; 17month old to 1,600gns.

OTMs (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

A strong trade held firm again on the day with some prices as follows:
126 month Lim (1,040kg) £2,267.20p / 218ppk; 47 month WB (1,060kg) £1,844.40p / 174ppk; 54 month Lim (695kg) £1,730.55p / 249ppk; 56 month STX (810kg) £1,595.70p / 197ppk; 33 month Lim (585kg) £1,304.55p / 223ppk; 20 month Char (460kg) £993.60p / 216ppk; 16 month Char (375kg) £832.50p / 222ppk.

Overall average £1,170.77p / 185ppk.

Cows and calves (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

An entry of six cows and calves forward with a 100% clearance.

British Blue 1st calver with a Lim bull calf at foot to £1,440 and £1,340.

Char Aged Cow with AA calf at foot to £1,460.

Entries still invited for the monthly catalogued dairy sale on Thursday, June 30.

Calves (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Trade on a par to the previous week with competitive bidding on all types.

More are required each week to meet current demand.

Top price went to G Ll Evans, Bryn Hen selling an AA Male for £475 followed by £430, £390 and £360.

OthersLim heifers to £350.

Lim bulls to £335; BB bulls to £340; Hereford heifers to £230; Longhorn bulls to 280; Freisian bulls to £170; AA heifers to £330.

Overall average £239.05p.

Weanlings (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Top price went to JW & AA Williams, Post Garreg for a 13 month Sim bullock for £800.


9 month Lim bullocks to £780; 12 month Char bullock to £780; Overall average £449.

More required on a weekly basis.

Ewe and lamb couples (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

A small but tidy show of 18 couples forward with demand still strong.

Top price of £170 went to A Jones & Daughter Ltd, Ty Coch with mule singles


Average £139.09; Crossbred to £154; Romney to £142; Texel to £122.

Top price of £220 went to Elfyn Owen, Ffrith Arw with mule twins.


Average £192.00; Crossbred to £186; Overall Average £159.67.

Opening sale of breeding ewes and store lambs on Thursday, July 7.

SEE: Last week's prices from trio of Ruthin sales


St Asaph livestock sale - June 23

FORWARD at the sale were 4,737 prime lambs, prime hoggs, cull ewes and prime cattle.

Some 3,132 prime lambs sold to 441p/kg or £184/head, with an average of 316p/kg, while 18 prime hoggs sold to 270p/kg or £125/head, for an average of 253.16p/kg.

In addition, 1,529 cull ewes sold to £182/head (average £82.59/head), 17 cull rams sold to £150/head (average £91.47/head), 23 prime heifers sold to 328p/kg or £2080.80/head (average 296.53p/kg) and 14 OTM heifers sold to 269p/kg or £2125.10/head (average 224.6p/kg).

Also at the sale, four OTM cows sold to 265p/kg or £1987.50/head (average 229.66p/kg).

Prime lambs (3132):

14 pens sold 400p/kg+; 21 pens sold 380p/kg+; 57 pens sold 350p/kg+; 8 pens sold £160+; 27 pens sold £150+; 78 pens sold £140+; SQQ - 316p/kg; Overall - 315.39p/kg.

Lights (118) sold to 410p/kg from HB Jones, Cae Cogau or £123/head from the same vendor. Average - 299.2p/kg.

Standards (1122) sold to 441p/kg from GM Roberts & Son, Dyffryn Mymbyr or £172/head from the same vendor. Average - 314.78p/kg.

Mediums (1758) sold to 438p/kg from ML Thomas, Bryn Farm or £184/head from J Wynne, Awel y Coed. Average - 317.5p/kg.

Heavies (115) sold to 323p/kg from MC Roberts & Son, Myfyrian Isaf or £150/head from MD & EC Williams, Henllys. Average - 304.31p/kg.

Overweights (8) sold to 291p/kg from DE Evans, Ty Mawr or £154/head from the same vendor. Average - 288.73p/kg.

Cull ewes and rams (1546):

Top price (ewes): £182/head from HW & SW Jones, Fferwd. Average £82.59/head.

Top price (rams): £150/head from SR Beech & Sons, Bryn Carrog; JA & HE Bevan, Manor Farm; S Hughes, Griana Farm. Average £91.47/head.

Texel Ewes to £182; Texel x Ewes to £165; Beltex x Ewes to £155; Suffolk x Mule Ewes to £150; Mule Ewes to £110; Welsh Ewes to £105; Welsh Mountain Ewes to £85.

Prime cattle (41):

4 Cattle sold 320p/kg+; 11 Cattle sold 300p/kg+; 16 Cattle sold 290p/kg+; 2 Cattle sold £2000+; 6 Cattle sold £1800+; 21 Cattle sold £1600+.

Top price per kilo was achieved by Ellis Lloyd & Co, Garthiaen (540kg Limousin x Heifer 328p/kg).

Top price in the lump was achieved by DJ & MJ Hughes & Sons, Ty Cerrig (790kg Limousin x OTM Heifer £2125.10).


Ruthin primestock sale - June 21

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 2,558 prime lambs to £172 / 441ppk; 56 prime hoggets to £158 / 291.7ppk and 1,650 ewes to £206.

Prime lambs (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A few more lambs about again during the week, with 2,558 forward with an overall average SQQ of 315ppk or £124.74 per head.

Medium lambs leading the way at almost 317ppk.

Vendors still happy with the standards returns.

A total of 1,121 of them at 36.7k to average 314ppk.

Meanwhile, a tally of 46 lights on the 300ppk mark with heavies well sold at £145 all through.

Top priced:

Lights (32kg) £98 by Huw Owen, Ysgubor, Dolgellau.

Standards (39kg) £172 by D G Ll Owens, Awelfryn.

Mediums (43.5kg) £169 by TC & O & EC Lloyd, Criccor.

Heavies (51kg) £157 by IA Jones, Ty Mawr.

Top priced per kilo:

Lights (32kg) 306.3ppk by Huw Owen, Ysgubor, Dolgellau.

Standards (39kg) 441ppk by D G Ll Owens, Awelfryn.

Mediums (39.5kg) 405.1ppk by JS Davies & Son, Derwen Deg.

Heavies (49kg) 320,4ppk by IH Morris & Son, Penrhewl.

Lights to 306.3ppk, av 300ppk; Standards to 441ppk, av 314.7ppk; Mediums to 405.1ppk, av 316.9ppk; Heavies to 320.4ppk, av 307.7ppk.
Overall average 315.4ppk; SQQ 315.7ppk.

Prime hoggets:

Coming to the end of the hoggs by now with very few in.

Lights to 250ppk, av 234ppk; Standards to 263.2ppk, av 231.6ppk; Heavies to 291.7ppk, av 253.8ppk.

Overall average 240.2ppk.

Cull ewes (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

A full house!

All outside pens and even half the cattle shed was full with 1,650 ewes and rams forward with a pleasing overall average of £93.82.

Several lean and hill breeds forward.

Strong continental ewes remain the order of the day.

Top price of the day went to E & G Hughes, Bwchanan with £206 for Texel ewes.

A total of 22 ewes in, averaging £176 on the day.

Top priced ram was £160 for a Texel ram from GW & SE Jones, Cae Goronwy.

Suffolk ewes to £186; Mule ewes to £156; Crossbred ewes to £158; Welsh ewes to £81.

Leaner type ewes: Texel ewes to £120; Suffolk ewes to £128; Beulah ewes to £80; Welsh ewes to £48.

Chamoise ram to £150; Welsh ram to £130.

Overall ewe average £93.63; Overall ram average £118.44; Overall average £93.82.