Ruthin primestock sale - July 1

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 777 prime lambs to £152 / 348.8ppk; 26 prime hoggets to £130 / 256.4ppk; 383 ewes to £140 and 96 store pigs to £170.

Prime lambs (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

A few less about on the day, but a very good Friday trade once again.

SQQ was 313.9ppk with an entry of 775 prime lambs.

Tup lambs were sought after leading up to next week, but ewe lambs on the day also sold very well.

Top priced:

47kg at £152 by L Williams & Son, Hendre; 43kg at £150 by L Williams & Son, Hendre; 47kg at £149 by Hitchmough, Pant y Mel.

Top priced per kilo:

43kg at 348.8ppk by L Williams & Son, Hendre; 40kg at 347.5ppk by L Williams & Son, Hendre; 38kg at 347.4ppk by J P Williams, Bron Eyarth.
Lights to 322.6ppk, av 290.3ppk; Standards to 347.4ppk, av 314ppk; Mediums to 348.8ppk, av 323ppk; Heavies to 323.4ppk, av 298.7ppk.

SQQ 314.1ppk; Overall average 313.9ppk.

It was a good trade from start to finish.

More are required weekly.

Cull ewes (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Ewes were a faster trade on the day with a lot of meatier Welsh ewes forward.

Top priced ram: G Williams, Hafod Cefn Plas Onn at £140 for a Charollais ram.

Top priced ewe: B L Jones & Son, Penfforddwen at £135 for a Texel ewe.
Charollais rams to £140; Mules to £122; Suffolk ram to £110; Cheviot to £102; Ryland to £48; Llanwennog to £84; Welsh to £90; Crossbred to £94; Texel to £135; Halfbred to £116.

Overall average £71.68.

Store pigs (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

A good entry of pigs with 96 forward.

A good trade on the young Gilts to the heavy sows with plenty of buyers for all sorts.

Empty sows to £170; Welsh weaner gilts £45-£65; Boars £20-£60; Welsh weaner boars £25-£45; Pietrain weaners to £22.

SEE: Last week's market prices


Ruthin store and breeding sale - June 30

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of six bulls to 4600gns; six cows & calves to £1720; 45 heifers to £1260; 59 steers to £1570; 75 calves to £390; 14 stirks to £645; 26 OTMs to £1886.00 / 257ppk; 47 dairy cattle to £1800; 41 store lambs to £93 and 13 ewe & lambs to £68.

Store cattle (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

A cracking entry of store cattle for the end of June with 144 forward on the day.

A total of 45 heifers topped at £1260 for a 19 month BB from Ian Evans, Wern Derw and £1250 for another two from the same vendor.

Some other prices:

24 month Char £1220; 33 month Lim £1210; 21 month BB £1165; 14 month BB £1050; 24 month Lim £1040; 23 month Longhorn £950.

Overall average £965.68. 

A total of 59 steers topped at £1570 for a 20 month Lim from T P Williams, Pen Isa and another two at £1490 from the same vendor.

Some other prices:

26 month Char £1490; 21 month BB £1455; 20 month Char £1350; 20 month AA £1225; 20 month Her £1195; 14 month Char £1115.

Overall average £1143.36.

An excellent sale for the time of year and the trade dictating that demand remains strong.

More cattle are required weekly.

If you have cattle to sell it’s always helpful to pre-notify the auction of your entries. 

OTMs (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

A total of 26 Barren cows forward and as fast a trade as ever!

Top price of £1886 achieved by A Jones, Segrwyd Goch with a 75 month BB weighing 820kg.

Top price per kilo of 257ppk went to T H Roberts, Bachymbyd Bach with a 37 month Lim weighing 590kg.

37 month Lim-590kg-257ppk; 43 month Lim-600kg-247ppk; 75 month BB-820kg-230ppk; 120 month Lim-750kg-225ppk; 30 month Lim-475kg-223ppk; 33 month BB-630kg-219ppk; 92 month Blonde A-730kg-209ppk; 103 month Lim-690kg-208ppk; 86 month Char-725kg-208ppk; 167 month Lim-600kg-207ppk; 66 month BB-680kg-196ppk; 88 month Lim-770kg-195ppk; 145 month Lim-620kg-194ppk; 97 month Lim-630kg-192ppk; 40 month BB-530kg-189ppk; 85 month Lim-590kg-188ppk.

Overall average £1177.69 / 192.1ppk.

Bulls (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

There was a tremendous trade on all bulls!

Quality bulls forward with all vendors being rewarded.

T Edwards, Brithdir sold an 18 month Lim for 4600gns.

Mathew Evans, Pwll Pridd sold a 21 month Lim for 3600gns.

A & A Williams, Caenog sold a 4 year old AA for 3600gns.

An 18 month Lim from T Edwards, Brithdir realised 3500gns and a 4 year old AA from Parry Bros, Hafod y Plas reached 2800gns.

E G Jones, Dolwen sold a five-and-a-half year old Lim to 1700gns.

Calves (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

A nice entry for the time of year with a ringside full of buyers.

Plenty more could easily have been sold with several buyers going home with empty trailers.

Top price went to Hughes, Ffrith Isa selling a BB bull to £390.

Others: Lim heifer £340; Hereford bull £340; BB bull £340; AA bull £310; BF bulls £120.

Weanlings (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

A seasonal entry with more required.

Top price went to Roberts, Moel yr Iwrch selling a 4 month old Charolais heifer to £645.

Others: Simmental 5 month old heifer to £620; Lim 3 month old bullocks to £560; HF 5 month old bullock to £240.

More required on a weekly basis.

Cows and calves (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Cows & calves were a very firm trade as usual.

BB 1st calver with a female BB calf at foot £1720 by EE & M Williams & Son, Pencoed Uchaf.

Lim 1st calver with a Lim female calf at foot £1200 by B & GE Jones, Llanerch Las.

Aged Hereford cow with a Lim male calf at foot £1240 from M Griffiths, Ty Gwyn.

Aged BB cow with a Char female calf at foot £1240 from R A Jones, Penygroes.

Aged WB cow with a Char female calf at foot £1150 by RC, JR & TR Owen, Nant Lewis Alyn.

Aged Char cow with a Char female calf at foot £1010 from RC, JR & TR Owen, Nant Lewis Alyn.

Special entry this week of British Blue first calvers with Lim calves at foot from E Morris, Cader.

BVD tested.

Dairy cattle (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

A very successful sale for the monthly dairy sale.

Thank you to all vendors and purchasers for your continued support.

The sale attracted plenty of interest from both ringside and online.

Ruthin is the place for your dairies.

A total of 24 Holstein Friesian cross and Jersey cross in calf heifers due to calve August onwards to a Stabiliser bull from Williams, Myfoniog met an absolute blistering trade, resulting in a an average of £1392.92/head.

Top price within the in calvers sold to £1800 with several other heifers hitting the £1700 mark.

Bulling Heifers:

Excellent price on the bullers with 100 per cent clearance.

Top price went to Roberts, Ty Newydd selling sweet 11 month old Holstein Friesian heifers to £790.

Jersey x 14 months old heifers sold to £440.

Heifer calves sold to £260.

Next sale on July 28. Entries now invited.

Ewe & lamb couples (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Welsh couples achieved £68.

Store lambs (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

A very fast trade on store lambs with Texel ram lambs to £93 and Crossbred ewe lambs to £77.

Opening sale of breeding ewes and prizes sale of store lambs is on Thursday, July 7.


Ruthin primestock sale - June 28

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 1943 prime lambs to £159 / 397.4ppk; 102 prime hoggets to £142 / 290.9ppk and 1356 ewes to £186.

Prime lambs (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A total of 1943 lambs forward on the day with very few light lambs about.

Some 868 standard weight (32-39kg) averaging 310ppk, mediums averaging 314ppk and heavies 310ppk resulting in an SQQ of 311ppk.

Heavy lambs the order of the day averaging £144/head, with those sweeter 36-41kg lambs still commanding the 350ppk-400ppk mark.

Top priced:

Lights (30kg): £90 by M Griffiths, Ty Gwyn.

Standards (38kg): £151 by J A Jones, Fferam y Llan.

Mediums (45.5kg): £158 by D E Evans, Ty Mawr.

Heavies (50kg): £159 by F Davies & Son, Bank Farm.

Overs (55kg): £158 by H T Williams, Pant Manus.

Top priced per kilo:

Lights (30kg): 300ppk by M Griffiths, Ty Gwyn.

Standards (38kg): 397.4ppk by J A Jones, Fferam y Llan.

Mediums (41kg): 370.7ppk by J S Davies & Son, Derwen Deg.

Heavies (47kg): 329.8ppk by Jones Bros, Glan Hesbin.

Overs (55kg): 287.3ppk by H T Williams, Pant Manus.

Lights to 300ppk - av 287.9ppk; Standards to 310.2ppk - av 397.4ppk;

Mediums to 370.7ppk - av 312.8ppk; Heavies to 329.8ppk - av 300.6ppk;

Overs to 287.3ppk - av 285.5ppk.

Overall average 310.9ppk; SQQ 311.8ppk.

Prime hoggets:

Coming to the end of the Hoggs by now with very few in.

Lights to 233.3ppk - av 146ppk; Standards to 233.8ppk - av 228.5ppk; Mediums to 290.9ppk- av 235.5ppk; Heavies to 234.6ppk - av 208.1ppk; Overs to 202.9ppk -av 186.3ppk.

Overall average 211.7ppk; SQQ 215.5ppk.

Cull ewes (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Top price of the day went to I P Jones, Maes Tyddyn at £186 for Texel ewes.
Top priced rams were £170 for a Texel Ram from J L Owen, Hen Gapel.

Texel to £186; Aberfield to £122; Crossbred to £148; Mules to £130; Suffolk to £140; Beltex to £130; Welsh to £115; Cheviot to £118; Bluefaced Leicester to £106; Charollais to £150; Tal y Bont to £90; Romney to £102; Speckled to £70; Beulah to £52.

Overall ewe average £80.93; Overall ram average £78.96; Overall average £79.23.