Ruthin primestock sale - July 22

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 637 prime lambs to £143 / 305ppk and 550 cull ewes to £150.

Prime lambs (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

A slipping trade on the week maybe just holding numbers back on the day.

However, there was still a fair entry forward.

The trade is taking some adjustment and an SQQ of 255.3ppk on the day with the best of it in the medium bracket averaging 262.1ppk.

Quality as usual a premium and some of the best trade as follows:

Top priced:

40kg at £143 by H L Griffiths, Ty Isa.

53kg at £130 by AG & EL Jones, Aeddren.

52kg at £130 by D Roberts, Foel Lleweni.

Top priced per kilo:

37kg at 305ppk by E Hughes, Ty Coch.

48kg at 298ppk by H L Griffiths, Ty Isa.

41kg at 297ppk by Ifan Hughes, Fourcrosses.

Lights to 245.9ppk, av 241.1ppk; Standards to 305ppk, av 250.5ppk; Mediums to 297.6ppk, av 262.2ppk; Heavies to 297.9ppk, av 257.8ppk; Overs to 245.3ppk, av 245.3ppk.

SQQ 255.3ppk; Overall average 255.6ppk.

Cull ewes (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A good number of cull ewes in again on the day with 537 in total.

Over half of the ewes at the sale would be Welsh ewes, resulting in a pleasing overall average of £75 all through.

Some of the top prices are as follows:
Texel to £150; Crossbred to £136; Beltex to £130; Mule to £120; Stong Welsh to £112; Welsh to £90.

SEE: Last week's prices from Ruthin auction


Ruthin store and breeding stock sale - July 21

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of cows & calves to £1,190, calves to £350, store lambs to £72.74 and store ewes to £142.

Calves (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

As expected, it was a small entry of calves with farmers taking advantage of the cooler weather and heading down to the show.

Top price went to Llysfasi Coleg Cambria selling a BB male calf for £350.


BB female to £260; Char male calf £520; AA male to £170; AA female to £160; Hereford male to £28.

Cows & calves (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

BB aged cow with Lim calf at foot at £1,700.

Store cattle (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

BB 24 month old bullock at £1,190.

A good show of calves, weanlings and store cattle is already entered for this week.

If you have any stock to sell give the auction a ring to discuss.

The monthly dairy and breeding sale is on July 28, with entries still invited.

Store lambs (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A small entry due to the Royal Welsh Show.

Ram lambs selling to £78.

Ewe lambs selling to £70.

Overall average £72.74p.


Ruthin primestock sale - July 19

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 1,199 prime lambs to £159 / 407.8ppk and 389 ewes & rams to £156.

Prime lambs (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A total of 1,199 lambs were forward and as anticipated, with the show week, SQQ was 285.1ppk with mediums leading the way at 289ppk, probably a lighter show of lambs with a market average weight of 39kg.

Well fleshed and fed lambs still keenly fought for with 16 vendors rewarded with prices from £139 to £159.

Top priced:

Lights (32kg) £101 by Mrs F R Jones, Graig Farm.

Standards (38.5kg) £157 by OL & SL Jones, Bron Parc.

Mediums (42kg) £153 by Kevin Williams, Bryn Golau.

Heavies (51kg) £140 by PAD & SL Jones, The Old House.

Overs (58kg) £159 by G & G Davies, Coed Eryl.

Top priced per kilo:

Lights (32kg) 315.6ppk by Mrs F R Jones, Graig Farm.

Standards (38.5kg) 407.8ppk by OL & SL Jones, Bron Parc.

Mediums (40kg) 372.5ppk by G M Thomas & Son, Cae March.

Heavies (46kg) 300ppk by G & G Davies, Coed Eryl.

Overs (58kg) 274.1ppk by G & G Davies, Coed Eryl.

Lights to 315.6ppk, av 279.7ppk; Standards to 407.8ppk, av 277.6ppk; Mediums to 372.5ppk, av 289.6ppk; Heavies to 300ppk, av 276.8ppk; Overs to 274.1ppk, av 257.5ppk.

Overall average 284.3ppk; SQQ 285.1ppk.

Cull ewes (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Top price of the day went to Roberts & Sons, Bodlywydd at £156 for Texel ewes.

The top priced ram was by Esmor Evans, Monfa, who realised £140 for a Texel ram.

Less ewes about due to the Royal Welsh Show, but still a big demand for meatier ewes.

Aberfield to £128; Mule to £124; Lleyn to £114; Talybont to £112; Welsh to £90.

Overall average £99.21.

Keep numbers coming in to satisfy the strong demand every Tuesday and Friday.