A MAN who caught in Oswestry driving with insurance while already disqualified has narrowly escaped jail at Telford Magistrates Court.

Steven Jones, 38 and Llys Bran Abbey Road in Llangollen, was stopped by police on Friday, June 17 and immediately informed officers that he was driving while disqualified and did not have a licence or insurance.

Magistrates at Telford heard that Jones was already on a community order for previous driving offence, including drugs, and in a prepared statement to police, he admitted all offences.

Cannabis found on him was proven to be for personal use.

The court heard that Jones had taken the car belonging to his wife because he wanted to see his sister in Oswestry, but was driving slowly along Willow Street which alerted officers.

His defence told the court that his wife had just given birth via caesarian section and that he was unable to be transported by her, and he had driven from their Llangollen home.

Jones, who admitted he had taken a 'stupid decision', was told that he had shown 'blatant disregard' for the previous community orders he had been on.

He was told that he had passed the custody threshold, with magistrates sentencing him to 20 weeks in prison for driving while disqualified.

However, the defendant was told that his early guilty plea plus a probation report signalling cooperation, that it would be suspended for 12 months.

Jones was also given 20 days of rehabilitation work and disqualified for a further 12 months, making it 33 months in total, while his licence was endorsed.

He will be made to pay £135 in costs and a £154 victim surcharge.

Magistrates added: "You were very close to immediate custody today because you showed blatant disregard for court orders.

"You have the suspended sentence hanging over your head."