Halloween is a date often associated with parties and sweets, but before you knock on strangers’ doors asking them for treats, Denbighshire County Council is asking the public to consider those who may be frightened or intimidated this October.

Cllr Tony Thomas, cabinet lead member for public protection, said: “Nuisance behaviour at Halloween had been a recurring problem in years gone by. In relation to anti-social behaviour Halloween has often been a bigger problem than bonfire night.

“This is because of the shock some elderly and vulnerable people get when they find someone dressed in a terrifying outfit on their doorstep or from people persistently knocking on their doors.

“On Halloween elderly people can be left frightened and intimidated by youngsters calling at their home asking for trick or treats - particularly when the callers are in costume. Similarly, families can find their evenings disrupted and their pets driven to distraction by the blasts and bangs from fireworks exploding on bonfire night.

“We don't want to stop anyone enjoying themselves, but they should bear in mind the apprehension elderly and vulnerable people may have about callers knocking on their door late at night.”

Advice from Denbighshire County Council for parents is to make Halloween as pleasant as possible for the households they call on trick or treating by being polite and courteous to those they meet. Parents should ensure that their children are suitably advised as to possible ramifications involving elderly residents. A message they may wish to employ is to imagine they are visiting their own grandparents.

Cllr Thomas added: “We urge everyone in the community to help us make Halloween as trouble free and as safe as possible and most important of all enjoyable.”