Despite a challenging week with harsh weather the Llangollen Railway made sure a wedding party went off without a hitch.

After a startling team effort, the Locomotive Department at the railway have been praised for conquering icy conditions and frozen pipes, caused by Storm Emma ensuring the steam engine service to Corwen ploughed on.

Liz McGuinness, Llangollen Railway business manager praised the team: " "What a bunch of fantastic, wonderful volunteers who have come out to make sure our service ran."

The bad weather reached it's peak for the railway on Saturday, March 3, but the engineer team managed to raise steam in two locomotives, by lighting fires early, and keep the track and stations clear.

Although the first train on Saturday was an hour late at 11.45am, it returned safely to report all stations were open through to Corwen allowing for the specially charted wedding carriage to continue as planned.

Ms McGuinness added: "The wedding, the catering and the after train reception all took place as arranged at 3pm, albeit in some what unusual circumstances. Thanks to the efforts of the train crews and station staff who rose to the challenge and made it happen in a snowy Dee Valley.

pic shows some the staff and volunteers at Llangollen station.

"They have done this all week. We have not missed a service. Great signal men, guards, travelling ticket Inspectors, and diesel railcar drivers. I can’t thank them enough - they are unreal."