A man found hurtling along a North Wales road at 122mph has been told he was driving at a deplorable speed.

Alex Menhenett, 32, admitted breaking the 60mph speed limit at Dinmael on the A5 near Corwen.

He himself described it as “a complete misjudgement” and said he was sorry.

At Flintshire Magistrates Court he was fined £760 with £85 costs and a £76 surcharge.

Despite having a clean driving licence, he was banned from driving for 56 days.

Magistrates described the speed as “quite deplorable” which was more than twice the limit.

Prosecutor Alun Williams told the Mold court the offence occurred on Sunday, October 29.

A roads policing department officer was doing on-foot static camera checks and heard the noise of a car coming from the Corwen direction.

The white Nissan GTR could be heard to be accelerating hard.

It was clocked at 122 mph in the 60 mph limit for 408 metres.

The officer had a clear and unobstructed view until it disappeared out of sight around a bend.

It was sunny and dry, traffic was light and visibility good.

Mr Williams described it as “a crazy speed” on a single carriageway road such as the A5.

“It was more than double the speed limit,” he said.

Menhenett had identified himself as the driver, pleaded guilty by letter at an earlier occasion, but was asked to attend court because of the high speed.

Menhenett, of Purley Oak Road in South Croydon, London, represented himself and said: “It was a complete misjudgement on my behalf.

“I apologise for that. I have no excuse."

He had a clean driving licence for the last 14 years and it was his first speeding conviction.

Menhenett said he did charity work and used his vehicle for that as well.