The Denbigh murder jury trial has heard allegations that as Laura Stuart lay dying from stab wounds on a Denbigh street, her former partner Jason Cooper kicked her with force – as if he was taking a soccer penalty shot.

The description came from Mr Gareth Roberts, father of David Roberts who was also stabbed in the incident last August.

After stabbing Laura, who he described as a family friend, he said that Cooper kicked her with full force.


“I would put it like someone taking a penalty in a Premiership game,” he told the jury at Mold Crown Court.

Mr Roberts senior said he worked in London, returned home to Denbigh every six weeks or so, and that night returned to Denbigh and had a drink in the Golden Lion.

Laura was a family friend, he worked with her father, and he knew that she and Cooper had been in a relationship previously, he said.

At the time he was not aware of some text messages between Cooper and his son David while they were in the Golden Lion.

When they left, he said that initially they were going to go to Laura’s parents’ house in Love Lane which was closer than his own daughter’s house.

They were all laughing as they approach The Halifax, he explained.

“Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Jason came out with a knife and rushed towards Laura,” he said in answer to questions from prosecuting barrister David Elias QC.

“He just literally ran with his arm in the air with the knife and started stabbing Laura.”

Mr Roberts said that everything happened so quickly.

“Laura turned and tried to protect herself and Jason was still stabbing her to the back,” he said.

His son intervened and was stabbed too.

Mr Roberts senior said that he saw Cooper stabbing her at least three times with full force.

Laura was lying on her side on the floor.

“All I could see was blood on the pavement.

“I couldn’t see where it was coming from,” he explained.

He then saw Cooper kick her to the face.

“I would put it like someone taking a penalty in a Premiership game,” he said.