Work has already started to identify alternative beds for patients following the news that 10 beds were to be removed from a ward in Denbigh community hospital because of fire safety concerns following the Grenfell Tower disaster.

A safety assessment had highlighted vulnerability in the wooden floor of one first floor ward partially sited above the hospital's kitchen.

The assessment stated: "Considering the number of mobility impaired patients and the limited number of staff, this building will still present an extremely challenging situation to manage safely during a fire requiring evacuation.

"So the health board has decided that the 10 beds in the ward directly above the kitchen should no longer be used for inpatients."

However a spokesman for the board subsequently said: "We have a responsibility to act appropriately on advice provided by experts in fire safety. We are well aware of pressures on community beds, and are working to reallocate the beds closed at Denbigh Hospital elsewhere in the community, so there is no overall reduction in bed numbers.

“As part of a review of our estate, we identified issues with the fire compartmentation in parts of Denbigh Hospital.

“We have looked at options to address this, and following expert advice decided that the two bays (10 beds) located directly above the kitchen can no longer be used for inpatients.

“Further improvement work has already started in regards to the fire zoning and fire panel system update at the hospital.”