The Rotary Club of Llangollen has discovered items of historical value at a charity metal detecting event at Abbey Farm, Llangollen.

58 detectorists from various societies, including the Historical Search Society, Dirt Diggers, and Wrexham Rotary Club, in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Llangollen, raised a total of £585 at the event on February 25.

Geoffrey Bullen, Board Member of Llangollen Rotary Club, said: “We had conducted detection days before but the latest finds were better than expected.

"Finds included both a Henry VIII and an Elizabeth 1st coin, 1st World War love tokens, various coins of many ages, part of a medieval ring, and some military items."

The military items included a round object traced back to the late-nineteenth century 54th Regiment of Foot, a British Infantry regiment that travelled as far as India, Gibraltar, and Egypt, where the item originated.

Mr. Bullen continued to say: “Our members have been able to raise money for good causes. In the past we have made contributions to Hope House, Welsh Ambulance, Marie Curie, local students helping overseas, a local old peoples’ lunch club, and have bought a Shelter box for disaster relief.”

The Rotary Club of Llangollen are always looking for new members, and welcome support from any farmers in the area open to allowing metal detecting events in future.