A HUGE blaze which broke out at a residential nursing home in Llanrwst is thought to have been electrical.

A total of six residents were taken to hospital following the fire in the early hours of this morning at the home, located in the village of Pandy Tudur.

Seven people were rescued from the property by firefighters and six were conveyed to hospital for precautionary check ups.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service received the call to the fire at midnight. Two crews from Llanrwst, a crew from Abergele, one crew from Llandudno, two crews from Colwyn Bay, one crew from Rhyl, the Incident Command Unit from Rhyl and the Aerial Ladder Platform from Rhyl were called to the scene.

Firefighters used hose reel jets and breathing apparatus to tackle the fire.

A joint investigation by North Wales Fire and Rescue Service and North Wales Police suggests that the cause of the fire is thought to be electrical originating in a store cupboard on a first floor.

Tony Jones, head of response for North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, said: "We were extremely lucky that no one was seriously hurt in this fire.

"Our firefighters worked in challenging weather conditions to perform these rescues and tackle this complex fire.

"The fire caused substantial damage to the property and put the lives of the residents at risk – this highlights to everyone the importance of fire safety and having working smoke alarms fitted.

"Electrical fires can strike anytime, anywhere.

"Never leave items on charge or unattended for long periods – and ensure the plug to the charger is switched off even if it’s not connected to your vape/electrical item. Never mix and match chargers - always use the charger supplied.

"Always follow the manufacturers’ instructions and guidance when using electrical items and turn off and unplug them before you go to bed. Ensure that you charge electrical items on a hard surface such as a table or bedside cabinet.

"Our advice is to be as prepared as possible in the event of fire, by ensuring that working smoke alarms are fitted in your home and that you have clear escape routes to enable you and your family to exit your home as quickly as possible."

The fire service has issued the following advice to help prevent an electrical fire in the home.

They include:

Not overloading plug sockets

Checking regularly for worn or frayed wires

Unplugging appliances when not in use

Keeping appliances clean and in good working order

Fully unwinding extension cables prior to their use.