PROPOSED changed to tariff charges in relation to hackney carriages are set to come into force this month.

Denbighshire County Council has previously consulted with the public and taxi trade and have devised a table of fares relating to the maximum charges a hackney carriage driver can ask a customer for.

Views are now being sought on the charges which are as follows:

Tariff one, between 6am and 12pm: Start fare (includes first 1232 yards) - £3, then 10 pence per 88 yards (1/20th mile) Waiting time - 30p each minute

Tariff two, between 12pm and 6am: Start fare (includes first 1232 yards) - £4.50 15 pence per 88 yards (1/20th mile) Waiting time – 40p each minute

Public and bank holidays, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day will be charged at tariff two. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve to be charged at tariff two from 6pm.

Luggage - excluding shopping, wheelchairs and pushchairs - outside the passenger compartment, 20p each item. Carriage of each domestic pet, excluding guide dogs, 20p each pet. Soiling Charge - £100.

Cllr Tony Thomas, cabinet lead member for housing, regulation and the environment, said: "The table of fares detail the maximum amount the driver may charge for a journey and must be displayed in the vehicle. The driver may not charge more than the amount shown on the meter but it is perfectly permissible to ask for less.

"Journeys may also be pre-booked and at that time a quote may be given for the cost of the journey which if accepted must be honoured by the driver, however, that quote must not be for more than the meter price.

"Passengers should ensure the meter is switched on before the start of a journey (even if they have pre-booked) and check the final fare requested against the meter reading, to ensure they are not overcharged.”

Hackney carriages are permitted to stand on taxi ranks waiting for customers, they can also pick up in the street after being waved down.

Representations to changes can be sent to Licensing Section, PO Box 62, Ruthin, Denbighshire LL15 9AZ or email before 5pm on February 7.