BALA Town star Lee Molyneux says he and his team-mates will be ‘as hungry as ever’ to be playing football again when they eventually return to the pitch at Maes Tegid.

The midfielder recently spoke to The Lakesiders’ media team about his transition to semi pro football and the current Covid-19 crisis.

When Molyneux put pen to paper with the club last summer, it was a huge coup for the JD Cymru Premier with another ex Football League player making the switch over to Welsh football.

When asked about his career, he said: “My first club was actually Wrexham and we trained at Colliers Park where we do now, it’s funny how life works. I was there from the ages of seven to nine and then scouted for Everton whilst playing for my local school boys.

“I stayed there till 19 where I was a pro and moved to Southampton where I made my professional debut I the championship against Barnsley at Oakwell in January 2009. I then went on to play for Plymouth, Accrington Stanley, Crewe, Rochdale, Tranmere, Morecambe and Barrow. Before coming to Bala Town. So I’ve definitely been around the block.”

By joining Bala, Molyneux made the transition from professional football to semi-pro which he says has been quite the change to his life.

He added: “Yes it’s the first time I had come out of professional football. The first time I felt a change was travelling on the day of a game down to Barry Town. We have been used to travelling down the night before. That’s when I realised how tough part time lads actually are and how strong there mindset is.

“I always knew last season would be my last playing full time as I was ready to transition into the next part of my life and start my business up personal training and becoming a strength and conditioning coach. It allows me to do both things I love. I still love playing but also love the other side to the game as well. I’m loving it.”

Molyneux has also been working on a one-to-one basis with teammates Nathan Burke and Jonny Spittle to help improve their game.

He said: “Being honest I’ve tried to install a mindset within the group which is 'even though we aren’t fulltime footballers, you can work like one'.

“Okay, so we don’t get as much football as the full time sides but what you can do is work hard away from the training ground. Becoming disciplined with your nutrition and also keeping fitness levels up, following a injury prevention programme, working on stuff that will help your game.

Molyneux continued: “The lads have been massively on board with it all. The lads themselves have felt so much better for it and can feel it on the pitch. It’s always hard to be able to bridge the gap with TNS and Connah’s Quay but what we can do is control the controllable and keep yourself fit, sharp and strong so come the weekend we are in a prime position to win a game of football.”

As we are all aware, the current Covid-19 situation is unprecedented for us all with no football planned for almost two months.

So as players how will they adapt to the situation and how will they keep fit and healthy and ready for the restart?

Molyneux explained: “I’d say first and foremost, health will always be number one. Without our health none of us would be playing football, working. So I think it should really humble us and make us realise that health is indeed wealth.

“So my advice would be to follow all guidelines set. Stay positive that we will be ok and think of the less fortunate. I would say again control the controlables. Put the right nutrition in your body, stay well hydrated, keep your home clean. Home workouts can be done when everything else is in place. Once it passes then we can start to make a plan with regaining football fitness” Molyneux commented.

Lee also had a closing message to the Town faithful for the next couple of weeks.

He said: “All I can say is don’t let fear rule your head too much. Try not to watch too much television or read too much negative things on social media.

"Our grandparents and great grandparents survived a war. We aren’t getting asked to go out and fight a war but to stay at home.

“We're lucky to have the internet. Read some books. Take some naps. Eat some healthy food. Don’t over indulge in supermarkets and most of all keep positive. Things will blow over in time I’m sure. I can’t wait for when we all get back together at Maes Tegid and we’ll be as hungry as ever to be so fortunate to play football. Stay safe everyone and see you all soon."