CLUB officials of Ruthin Town FC say they are 'extremely proud' after it recently became one of only 20 clubs throughout Wales to have been awarded 'Platinum Standard' status by the Football Association of Wales (FAW)

Last year, Ruthin achieved 'Gold' status for the first time after entering the club accreditation scheme.

Having since made continual progress over the course of the last year, and continuing to offer football to children and adults of all ages, the club has secured the Platinum status from the FAW.

In order to achieve platinum, all coaches have to be qualified to at least leaders level with a certain number having to be C and A licensed.

Club chairman Andy Edwards said: "We are extremely proud of achieving the Platinum Award. We are a community ran club focused on providing the best possible experience for all of our stakeholders.

"Starting with our very young Mini Stars joining the club aged four who stay with us playing through our Junior and Youth systems, with the end goal of playing for one of our three senior teams, then at the age of 35 joining our Veteran squad.

"I believe our club is more than football and an extremely important pillar within our community, as long as we are continually improving and not standing still we will continue to do what we have always done well, along with getting stronger as a club. We are far from being complete as we still want to improve our facilities, increase our player membership to include female teams and improve in all aspects were we can.

"I am extremely privileged with the wider team that we have at RTFC. Volunteers giving up their time to coach, maintain and administer the three sections of our Juniors, Youths and Seniors set up every week is a huge commitment. Our local business sponsors and community support is also a fantastic testament to Ruthin as a town as without the financial and vocal support we receive, it would be a struggle to say the least.

This award comes at a difficult time and I hope it gives everyone who reads this a little smile, knowing the fact that our children and club members are thriving in a great football environment."

First team manager Phil Hudson, who recently joined the club from Brymbo said: "It's tough times for all at the minute and we have been stop start since joining the club, its fantastic to see the work behind the scenes and the club being awarded Platinum Status which will only stand us in good stead once we get football underway, the whole club from kids to vets is in good hands and that's down to the tireless work from all at the club."

Youth chairman Wynne Davies added: "It's fantastic news that we as a club have again been recognised as one of the top clubs in Wales and awarded the prestigious platinum accreditation.

"We may not be a top Welsh Premier league club, indeed we are a long way from even having ambitions to be one but we undeniably are now recognised as being right up there with the best in terms of what we provide to our local community in Ruthin and our surrounding villages.

"We've often had discussions both in house and with people from outside the club too about us not advertising and widely communicating how big and successful a club we are from the particular perspectives of participation and development of players, it's true to say that as well as our own senior teams up to half a dozen neighbouring clubs benefit from having players playing for them and even managers managing them, that have been nurtured and developed through our Youth FC system and this over a period of 25 years.

"We've been doing what we do for a long time and it's really great to now be formally recognised and that on a regular basis, we should all be so proud of what we do and have done for such a long period of time".