A RUGBY star originally from Bala now playing the sport over in Guernsey has spoken of his hopes of going pro someday - but certainly hasn't forgotten where he came from.

23-year-old hooker/back-rower Daniel Thabo Morgan had lived in Bala nearly all of his life until moving over to Guernsey last August.

His rugby career to date has taken him all across Wales and even as far as Australia, where he spent six months playing for Byron Bay.

Over the years, Daniel played for Bala RFC, Wrexham RFC, RGC, Ellesmere College (where he was captain), Byron Bay (Australia, where was Player of the Year), Worcester Warriors' academy, USW 1st and 2nds and Llandaf RFC before landing over in the Channel Islands with Guernsey Raiders.

And, despite being from Bala, Daniel - born to an English father and a mother from Lesotho, also had trials for England with the Midland under 18's side.

He's represented many a club by now, but Daniel admits that there's one which will always hold a special place in his heart.

He said: "I most enjoyed playing for Bala. Just playing for the club that I grew up watching as a child and actually having played a couple of games for them is pretty special for me.

"We used to live right next to the rugby pitch and when I was about five years old, I was watching the other kids play and Brian Davies (Yogi) called me over to join in and I’ve loved the sport since.

"It also helped that my mother used to play for Dolgellau Women around that time as well!"

Daniel, a customer relations manager for a gambling company, says he hopes someday that he can turn pro and go on to make an international appearance.

He added: "My dream still is to try get a professional contract one day and I would love the opportunity to get a international cap not necessarily with Wales as that seems somewhat unlikely but with Lesotho as my mother is from there. That would be special."

Daniel is now playing in Guernsey for the Raiders - a move that came about thanks to a highlight video of his being spotted on Youtube.

He said: "After putting the video on YouTube and a few months passing I got a call from the head coach asking if I would like to join for the season and he gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. The boys and coaching staff have been very welcoming. I was lucky because I knew one of the boys prior to moving due to both of us having played together in Byron Bay."

Daniel says the highlight of his career to date are; getting his rugby scholarship at Ellesmere College and going on to be captain there, playing for the Worcester warriors academy and his England trial.

Speaking about who has been the biggest influence and help to him during his career to date, he said: "I learnt a lot from my school coach Alex Murphy he helped me transition form the back row to the front row and Mike Connor a player coach at Llandaf really helped give me a better rounded game.

"Idol wise, it would have to be South African international Schalk Brits as he embodies everything a modern day hooker should be in my opinion."