GIANT dragons eggs and and trips down tunnels were on hand for family fun throughout Abergele over Easter.

Thousands of people soaked up the Easter weekend sunshine at a brace of events at Manorafon Farm park and Gwrych Castle.

Denbighshire Free Press:

Caitlin Bines, age 11, and her brother Adam, six, spend some time with a baby rabbit. Picture: Phil Micheu

Starting on Wednesday, April 17, Manorafon Farm, Park hosted its first four day Easter Eggstravaganza which introduced children and adults to some of the site's latest attractions including a 'Tiny Town' row of shops and the thematic 'Warren', where children played with the Easter Bunny while exploring its tunnels and hillsides.

Denbighshire Free Press:

A child having fun at the Warren with the Easter Bunny at Manorafon Park. Picture: Phil Micheu

Children also got to meet newborn and baby rabbits and newly hatched chicks and ducklings as well as enjoy an Easter egg hunt.

Denbighshire Free Press:

Megan Jones introduces four-year-old Joby Mander to a little duckling at Manorafon Farm Park. Picture: Phil Micheu

Will Arrowsmith, manager of the farm park, said: "The event went really well, it was our first time holding the event over four days and we've had great feedback about the event already.

"We had about 4,000 people visit the park over the Eggstravaganza, which given last's annual visit figures of 40,000, is incredible.

"The weather certainly helped, but it's a very promising start for the season and hopefully means more great attendance figures and we're very excited for the future of the farm park."

Denbighshire Free Press:

Caitlyn and Owen Grimshaw were delighted to find the last Dragon eggs, in the Easter Dragon Egg Hunt at Gwrych Castle. Picture: Phil Micheu

Down the road at Gwrych castle on Easter Saturday, April 20, scores of youngsters wee also having fun in the sun on a hunt with a different flavour, searching for a dragon's eggs at in the grounds.

Denbighshire Free Press:

“Be careful the Dragon is up there” Sir Samuel warned three year old Albie Fortune. Picture: Phil Micheu

Expecting a straightforward visit to the castle they were set to work as soon as they arrived, with a story about the mythical six-year-old Lord Thomas and his escaped dragon.

The children set about searching for dragon's nests , in the hope of a very special Easter surprise should they discover all the eggs.

Denbighshire Free Press:

“Princess Belle of Gwrych” was on hand to regale children with fairy tales of dragons and brave knights, as they toured Gwrych castle. Picture: Phil Micheu

The castle also welcomed"Princess Belle of Gwrych", who was on hand to regale children with fairy tales of dragons and brave knights, as they toured the castle.