Calls have been made for a busy rural road to be repaired before a serious accident occurs.

Cllr Mabon ap Gwynfor, of the Cynwyd and Llandrillo ward, wants Denbighshire County Council (DCC) to deal with hazardous potholes along the B4401 between Corwen and Cynwyd.

Cllr ap Gwynfor said: “There are large and dangerous potholes along the road, from the Uwch-Y-Ddre junction right through to the other end of Cynwyd.

“There is a desperate need to fix the B4401 from Corwen to Cynwyd. It’s in a dire state, and vehicles are having to swerve suddenly to avoid some very large potholes.

“These very large potholes will not only damage the vehicle but could lead to collisions because drivers swerve suddenly in order to avoid the potholes.”

Cllr Gwyneth Ellis, of Cynwyd Community Council, said: “These potholes are a real danger. I was lucky to avoid an accident a couple of days ago as a motorbike suddenly swerved into my lane in order to avoid one of the potholes.

“We need work carried out as a matter of urgency.”

A spokesman for DCC responded: “We have undertaken some emergency pothole repairs along the B4401. Permanent repairs will need to be undertaken in the near future due to the continued deterioration of the road.”

However, cllr ap Gwynfor is seeking more long term investment and an elevated priority for maintenance, as the busy road is currently deemed unfit for purpose and levels of traffic - exacerbating wear and tear.

Cllr ap Gwynfor added: “In the long run, what needs to happen is for the authority to recognise that it is a very important industrial road. There are several large firms based along this road who use very large wagons many times a day, and the road is regularly damaged. The pressure on this road is enormous. It should be expanded and maintained as an industrial road.”