Paddle power was pitted against machine in a race with a twist in Bala.

Seven stand-up paddleboarders took to Llyn Tegid to face off against the locomotive "Holy War" in a four mile race along the length of the lake in the fourth annual Race the Train event.

After a narrow victory for the steam engine last year, the Saturday, April 7 paddle board winner James Price managed the impressive feat of drawing with the train.

In the driver's seat was Phillip Billington, who set the pace for the seven paddle boarders from the from the start point at Pentrepiod Holt, Llanuwchllyn at 5:30 pm, chugging along at 12 miles per hour despite having spectators in tow on the carriages

Following close behind Price in second place was Glyn Smith, with Alex Thornhill in third and Fiona Bithell the first woman over the line.