A FATHER of two awarded the DFC for his service in the RAF during the Second World War and who later became president of the Denbigh and Flint Show has died at 92 years old.

Oswyn Blythin, known as Ozzy, passed away peacefully in hospital last month after a long illness.

Ozzy was born in 1926 into a farming family in Holywell and moved to Ffynnongroew where he grew up and developed an interest in mechanics around the farm.

During his youth Ozzy observed German planes bomb Liverpool, a sight that may have influenced a later decision.

With his farming and mechanics background, Ozzy worked as an apprentice in the garages of Croswell bus services during the Second World War.

At only 17-years-old, a shortage of engineers in the RAF gave Ozzy a window to become involved in the war, and he served as an engineer working on the Canadian Halifax bomber plane and, later, the famed Lancaster bomber.

During his service, Ozzy would fly 30 missions, known as a “tour”, and survived a number of harrowing experiences during airstrike missions in Germany and Calais between 1944-5.

It was on one exceptionally extraordinary mission that Ozzy would later be awarded with a Distinguished Flying Medal.

Ozzy’s son, Martyn Blythin, aged 67, former headteacher at Bodnant Primary School, Prestatyn, said: “Dad was with six others in a Lancaster bomber on the way home from a mission when they were caught by a German nightfighter.

“His pilot was shot and died, and Dad, at 17-years-old, having not been trained or flown a plane before, took control, guiding the plane and crew to safety.

“The engineers were required to be in the cockpit with the pilot during flight so Dad must have observed and learned that way.

“Dad was kind, generous and always prepared to help others in times of need.”

The heroic effort in the last years of the war led Ozzy to receive his medal for his bravery, who would go on to become Flight Lieutenant before the end of the Second World War.

Following the war, Ozzy returned to North Wales and bought a petrol station and garage, and offered taxi services in the area. Ozzy married to his first wife in and had his first child, Martyn, born in 1951.

It was then that Ozzy bought his own bus, using his apprenticeship and wartime experience, offering a service from Rhyl to the Wirral, before securing a school contract in the late 1950s. Ozzy went on to build up a fleet of 25 buses based at Llandudno Junction

Ozzy later became president of the Denbigh and Flint Show in 2000, the popular annual agricultural show that is set to take place in August.

Tom Stevenson, chairman of the Denbigh and Flint Show for 12 years, said: “Oswyn did a smashing job on the committee. He offered a lot of support to committee members and was like a rock.

“He was a great man and a true friend.”